Mar 5, 2015

Advocating Breaking the Law: A Thoughtful Argument by the GOP? or Directives by Koch?

RF Schatten

Let's all ignore Carbon Emission Rules! WTF? You only live once!...and if you live in LA or the Big Apple? you die a little sooner! what's the big deal?

There's something seriously wrong, when an Elected Official tells the public to ignore rules and break the law! Defy the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed rules limiting Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Power Plants. Advocating to break the law! and no outrage from the GOP? They love it! long as they don't have to go to court!

But Republicans are above the law, they elevate themselves to a pedestal above the rest of society, above the Logan Act...they can illegally conspire with Foreign Governments, against the interests of their own Government  because their love affair with Bibi and Israel (just as long as those same Jews don't move into 'their' neighborhood, naturally!).

Only the John Birch Society is above them...which is why they bow like loyal servants, to any of their wishes. Mitch McConnell is one of their point political whores who'll sleep with absolutely anyone, as long as he can keep his Senate Title. A degenerate politician who will allow his own constituents to be thrown under the bus, as long as he can make a profit for himself and his Bircher friends.

Mitch doesn't care about Environment in the Blue Grass State...and if doesn't care about his own people, why should he care about the rest of the country? It's the sick mind of Right Wing Conservative America! the personal pleasure of watching the poor get poorer, and watching the sick's one less moocher in their eyes! The joy of watching people suffer emotionally and physically...Bankers, Loan companies, and Mortgage companies, love it! Capitalizing from other people's sufferings! does make them 'all' feel so much more relax and confident, when they go to bed. Sweet Dreams!

Let's not beat around the bush! all of McConnell's arguments have been refuted. Jobs? we evolve and move on towards a safer and cleaner future! Jobs lost? job retraining! More jobs predicted to open than jobs closing...up to 14,300 Job Losses from 2017 to 2020 because of the Rule. But the Job Gains in the renewable energy capacity construction is 15,800 to 19,100 new Jobs over the same time period. Ultimately, it's predicted that 112,000 jobs will be created solely by the energy efficiency sector in 2025. The real, real reason why old Mitch doesn't care adding a few years to that decrepit body of his? $,$$$,$$$! How about a record number of Pollution Fines?, a record number a In-court and Out of Court settlements? Wrongful Death settlements? and Class Action lawsuits? Why pay Fines? when you can buy the Country, run it into the crapper, and increase your financial rewards, all at the same time?

Koch Industries has a heavy Mortgage invested in the Republican Party, and their personal 'paid in full' Boy Toys from cheesehead country...Paul Ryan and Scott Walker. McConnell’s argument: "the rule will have a negligible effect on global climate"?  Is he a Scientist? is he an expert on Meteorology? No! he's just a schmuck from Kentucky, who along with the rest of the GOP has no clue about Weather Patterns, Climate Changes, or Science.

For David and Charles, it's the absolute power in a Ruling Class Society...for Mitch McConnell? it's all about his sorry legacy and how history will judge him.

McConnell Is Now Telling States To Ignore Obama's Carbon Emission Rules | ThinkProgress