Mar 10, 2015

The Mutual Biblical Desire for Self-destruction over Continued Life...without the use of Reason!

By RF Schatten

Wars between the religiously devoted has existed since the beginning of time...most wars throughout history started 'because' of Religion! But, to have what many on one side of the issue wants today, a war to cleanse the earth of all evil? remember!...the other side feels the same way!

A Religious war between ridiculously demented Evangelical Christians and ridiculously demented Islamic Fundamentalists, in today's Nuclear sheer insanity! Add Israel and Netanyahu to the equation...a triple threat match!...and you might ask yourself; “is it all worth it?”

When it's a guaranteed no-brainer, that a nuclear war of that magnitude will include the total annihilation of both insane sides...and every innocent bystander along the way?...who really wins??

Does it matter who wins, if no one is going to be around for the Zombie Apocalypse? Evangelical Christianity and the Islamic State, have more in common than meets the eye! Shit flows to the matter what Religion or no matter what Country...ISIS and Evangelical America? A huge accumulation of human ignorance and wasted productive life.

To hate and kill each other throughout time until the end of the Earth's existence...with the Apocalypse as the main event, for all the marbles!...yet, no one to be around to see the outcome? What would the accomplishment be, if no one survives? To see God when your dead? My question to both sides; Who died that can corroborate they saw and spoke to God or Allah??

They do have more in common than meets the eye...they both live a dysfunctional religious life in a world made up in their own imagination and delusions.
Apocalyptic beliefs? yes! there's no immunization for Batshit Disease...there 'are' people all over the world just as crazy, ignorant, and insane, as those in the good 'ol USA!

In every Religion throughout the history of the world, there's been references to the Apocalypse. But in every Religion, the vast majority interprets their own Good Book in their own individual way. Sometimes you do really have to use your own mind, rationale, and common sense! Santayana's own words on his reference towards Religions in general; “The Bible is Literature, not Dogma”!!

The overwhelming majority in every Religion are decent faithful worshipers, who read their version of the Bible, the Koran, or Torah...and battle every day of their lives to lead a right life, and do the right thing! But in every Religion, ignorant fanatical crazies loom the halls!...they couldn't give a damn who they hate, because hatred is what fuels their passion!

It's bad enough for all the lunacy throughout the world!!...but now the Republican Party and their titular leader, Ben Netanyahu, wants to up the ante and speed up Zombie Day! Will it happen? This Country allows the shit the GOP and Bibi are doing to undermine the American Government's Foreign Policies...with Friends like that? Let's not worry about ISIS, the danger? worry about the American traitors who negotiate secretly with Foreign Powers, behind the back of their Commander-in-Chief!

Evangelicals & ISIS Feel Fine About the End of the World - The Daily Beast