Mar 22, 2015

Monsanto's Wide Variety of Products: Weed Killers, GMOs, and Cancer!

By RF Schatten

If Monsanto stands by their product as much as they say they do...why do they absolutely refuse to label GMOs? Why is there so much money given out to fight GMO Labeling by Monsanto and by DuPont? The World wants to know!!

The Official Monsanto Horseshit Response: The cost for 'paper' Labels is just too expensive and having everything labeled, Monsanto would have to pass on the cost to the consumer! They refuse to Label their shit! because they care so very much about their fellow man's pocketbook? The Official People's Response? WHAT A BOLD FACE BULLSHIT LIE!! $20 billion dollars in assets and they're worried about the cost of sticky Paper Labels??

The question remains: What is Monsanto hiding from the Consumer? Why can the American People have the right to know, what they're ingesting into their bodies? What does the GMO in your food, contains?

The fact that Monsanto, along with Koch Industries are regular Parties in the US Court System, both engaged in a pissing contest to see who gets more Fines and Judgement calls against them, and who has to pay the most. A $20 Billion Dollar Corporation, with enough $$$ and influence to buy any Politico or any financially stricken Country...or they did, in the most Green State in the Nation, when Oregon's measure for GMO Labeling went down in defeat for the low sweet price of only $25 million dollars!

In a study by the Union of Concerned Scientists, back in 2004, 50% of the Corn and Soybean samples and more than 80% of the Canola samples were contaminated with Monsanto’s Genes detected in all 3 Crops. Across the country, Monsanto has been fighting farmers...and illegally contaminating their crops. That sounds like the Koch's contamination of our country's Rivers and Streams? They 'are' partners!

The costs to Farmers from recalls and export restrictions to Non-GMO contaminated products were estimated at between $26 and $288 million. Contaminated Rice in 2006 cost Monsanto a $750 million settlement for injured Rice Farmers. 700 out of court "undisclosed" lawsuit settlements.  With 150 lawsuits against America’s Family Farmers, there's no doubt about their retribution to destroy the Organic Farm Industry...with aggressive lawsuits, with the power of a $20 billion dollar corporation, an atmosphere of Fear in Rural America 'is' out every farm they can across the country, and control the entire nation's crops, have complete control of what you eat!! 'That' sounds too "Soylent Green" for my taste buds!

The hypocrisy of those who support GMOs...making $$$ off scientific research, and dealing with the Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries...then telling everyone they're Science Deniers. Their control of Nature, as it was said in "Harvest of Fear" control not just seeds...but live human-made microorganisms. All approved by their own bought Supreme Court. The Microorganism? "Pseudomonas" bacterium! Has anyone ever seen what Pseudomonas does to the human body?...especially not taken care of?

"Roundup Ready" Monsanto's greatest product since green plastic rugs, got slammed by the World Health Organization for causing Cancer...something that has been talked about for years by research scientists...but covered up in the United States with a whole lot of money!! It's not about your Health, it's not about's about how much money they make! that's all!

Monsanto kills...and not just bugs! So remember! next time you go out, buy some food and stick it in your mouth...when eating GMOs, think of what you're eating. Monsanto's other famous Great Product..."AstroTurf", it's a little chewy!

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