Mar 21, 2015

An Educated and Informed Public: The Enemy of Religious Fundamentalism

By RF Schatten

An informed mind can be a very dangerous tool...there 'is' a reason why there's those who want to control what a child learns; what they see, what they read,  what they hear and observe...and what they think!  Re-write History, re-write the Bible, keep the flock ignorant, take over the school boards, and pass laws forbidding someone the right to think!

This is not rhetoric, it's happening today! right in this country!! And it's happening around the world...a giant pissing contest between the Fundamentalists...and the Christians and Muslims are no longer the only dance cards in town!

Enter the Hindi population, with "unexplained Religious and/or Cultural reasons", and Jewish Fundamentalism...Zionism, and particularly the Sephardic Jews whose origins are Middle Eastern...they too, embellish pure raw ignorance.

Batshit Disease is spreading across the World, faster than Ebola!! Contaminating all the ignorance around, while sweeping through from community to community! Smart is bad!! Stupid's worth is in gold!

It's inconceivable that there are people in the world whose main function in life, is to prohibit the natural god-given human right to obtain Knowledge. To keep their future generations in a constant mindless state, allowing them to culturally and socially rot! The minds of Christian Fundamentalists...and all other Fundamentalists, for that matter...are the first in mankind, that deliberately want the world to Socially and Culturally regress and stop evolving, rather than evolve and naturally progress as a nation into the future. It's not unusual that these people's character is no different than those throughout history that believed in book burnings...the same people who believe in banning books throughout the years! Henry Miller's works comes to mind...conservatism is degenerately prudish with a 'closet case' mindset. Look at what's banned today in this country? You would be genuinely surprised!

For the first time in my life, Education is considered a dirty word in some sectors of Society! 'Science' is considered taboo among Fundamentalist Christians. Don't allow someone to ask a question...why does it get  dark? why does it get light every day in the morning? why is that big bright yellow ball in the sky so hot? why does it rain? All questions that can be answered by my grandson! But Batshit crazy America, like the Batshit  crazy Hindi Community in England, doesn't  understand  Science because they are told, it doesn't exist...they 'are' matter what language they speak!!

Morons who fanatically follow masters of horseshit.  Rick Scott is a Grand Master in the art of horseshit...the man who calls himself a Science Denier, while making a fortune as President and CEO of Columbia/HCA, at the time the largest for-profit Hospital Corp. in the world! This bullshit artist, as the Orlando Weekly said;  "He's just a simple businessman with the largest Medicare fraud case on record".  Rick Scott and Ben Carson have a mutual common interest...both profited and became millionaires out of Medical Science...and both have the gull to say, Science doesn't really exists!

Scott just suspended a Florida Government employee for not denying climate change, which is now Scott's personal law in must deny climate change or risk getting fired! Scott ordered him to have a Psychiatric Evaluation, and could not return back till cleared by the Cookie Factory to return to work! Openly deny Climate Change, while openly lie to the Public...or 72hrs in a Psychiatric Evaluation!

The greatest threat to Humanity today is Religious Fundamentalism...all deny their own history, all interpret their history the way it's more beneficial to them, they all hate Women Rights, and they all want to restrict Education in return for Religious and 'their' Social indoctrination! None of them cares about the welfare of their own countries, all, have just one central annihilate each other!  An informed society 'is' the greatest threat for Fundamentalism!!

Students banned from watching solar eclipse due to ‘religious and cultural reasons’