Sep 25, 2015

The GOP Asylum: Living in the Land of Make-believe

 By RF Schatten

Living in their very own little Land of that John Boehner is exiting stage right, though some tend to believe, it's stage "left"...the Inmates have finally taken over the GOP Asylum!!
Take down the US House logo from the podium, and put up a big giant cross! No one to hold hostage anymore! spineless and as kiss-ass John Boehner may be? with that cast of absurd batshit loonies roaming the aisles the last 8 or so years? He's still the sanest among this class of clowns in the U.S. House of Insanity!!

The latest surprise announcement? Repealing Obamacare!!!!...for the 55th time, just in case the other 54 times didn't's the fools' cry of one more time! one more time! And just to show their care, compassion, and humility towards their fellow man...slap on Planned Parenthood!! Their believe in 'parenthood' with all their Christian values, tends to be more towards their ignorant side...unplanned!! the good family Duggar!

54 times! the Republican Party has tried to repeal one part or another of the Affordable Care Act!...only 3 times! have they tried to repeal it in its entirety...and miserably failed!! Now, they're going to use the Fast Track Reconciliation maneuver, another tactic that needs only a 51 vote margin to make it to the President's Desk, without the need of 60 votes to fight off a Democratic filibuster!! Fantastic!! pull out the's going to make it to the President! Great maneuver, Republicans!'re so, so smart! Now, what will you accomplish when Obama says; 'the buck stops here'...and vetoes it?!?!

Making up a Legislative Bill over and over...and passing it!...knowing that is guaranteed to be delivered dead on arrival? The cost so far, for all those circus shows of inept legislation is over $75 million, for which they pass the buck to their sock it to me audience of taxpayers. More bullshit at the Taxpayers expense! Do they care about the expenses? why would they give a damn?'s not their money!
And the saddest thing about this Political Show...which the taxpayers are forking that the entire exercise is for rhetoric and show only!!  A companion 'clean' funding bill is guaranteed to receive the President's John Hancock.

At the end, the only reason why the GOP has done absolutely nothing for 7 years, is to block Barack Obama from passing any legislation during his tenure...or acknowledge that a Black man can be just as superior legislating than a good old white boy! In the Republican Cocktail Party where exclusivity is a norm, and if Blacks are present...they're only there as tokens. Having to take orders from a Black man, is not their cup of Tea. And having to respect them as they walk through the front door, instead from the back? It's blasphemy for the arrogance of the rich and politically famous to associate in a personal way with any flavor other than Vanilla !!

It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit. ~~ Harry Truman

With no plans or policies on not one single issue for the last 8-10 years! complaining about everyone and everything on the face of this earth! and annoying the crap not just of America, but the entire World! Instead of legislating, they spend their lives keeping Benghazi, Hillary's Emails, and their hate for Planned Parenthood alive! Righteously fighting to find the truth?? It's either just political theater or these people are truly fricken dumb!!

The success of Obamacare has reached an all-time high...and the overwhelming vast majority has no problems with it! And you are betting your political career by saying Obamacare is Bad? On top of that Planned Parenthood cannot be kept out of any controversy, especially in an election year! Their hate must be loud!...cause nothing's going to happen! When the electorate supports the opposition, and all other polls on all other issues has you taking a political vacation...'way down' South!?!?

And with the chaos among the RNC, the GOP House Caucuses, the Tea Party, and Senate Republicans?. The filthy between war between each other, with the survivor getting the empty title of Republican Party Presidential Nominee. And always blaming everyone for their mistakes and failures, while, with all their cynicism, taking the credit for someone else's success! And they can't understand why they're not the most liked or the most respected citizens of this country?!?! 

Charles P Pierce brilliantly described today's Republican fiasco with the reluctant passing of the torch from John Boehner to complete total lunacy: "The GOP's entire Congressional Party is now a third-rate evening drive-time talk show". Ahhyup! they 'do' live in the Land of Make-believe!

The Insanity Begins As GOP Announces Bill To Repeal ObamaCare and Defund Planned Parenthood