Sep 12, 2015

Immigration? White America's reluctance to lose its power!

By RF Schatten

"Some Republicans gave up on winning the African-American Vote, looking the other way or trying to benefit politically from Racial Polarization. I am here today as the Republican Chairman to tell you...we were wrong"! ~~~ Ken Mehlman"

Being truthful is a major Republican Cardinal Sin...being truthful, coming out of the closet, and favoring same-sex marriage? in political peace, Ken!
Honesty, pretty much became Ken Mehlman's demise! His replacement? Enter Mel Martinez, a man who once said about fellow Republican and Conservative, former U.S. Rep. Bill McCollum; "The New Darling of Homosexual Extremists"...a career "Token" Republican politician...a Cuban-born American who served the Party as its first Hispanic RNC Chairman, primarily to attract the Latino vote besides his alliance with the Religious Right. He was the perfect chairman to appease the the GOP's holy rolling society. When it came to Immigration?...he played their game, and became an Anti-Immigration star for the GOP!! This spineless worm showed his allegiance, and it wasn't towards the Latino Community.

A worm!...Cubans call someone who talks tough on Cuba, yet never stayed back home to talk tough right to their face...un "Guzano"!
This 'worm', because of the grace of others, arrived homeless and unable to speak English, through a Roman Catholic Humanitarian effort and lived in a couple of Foster Homes till they located his family in Orlando, FL. If anyone would have understood what mercy and compassion meant in immigration, would've been this scumbag...but it took a an electoral nosedive with his constituency, for this 'worm' to become a champion for Immigration Rights and Reform!  Pro Immigration?!?! never in today's GOP!...exit Señor Martinez!...enter the next Joker!

A Nation founded by Immigrants looking for a better life, free from religious, economic, and social suppression and persecution...the first modern day multicultural, multi-social society...where all races, colors, or creeds are supposed to be accepted! "Supposed to be"...'is' the $64,000 question!
We have an asshole who wants to build the Great Wall of China across the United States' Southern Border, another asshole who wants to build one across the Northern Border...and yet a third one, wants to electronically track them after they arrive! So much for their complain about big government, and government's intrusion in people's private lives!

Does the US have a moral responsibility to lead in this humanitarian act? What does it mean to be the so-called "Greatest Country in the World"?
The GOP reaction to Syrian Refugees?
Lindsey Graham: "Take our fair share or take down the Statue of Liberty"...expected! precisely why Lindsey won't win.
Marco Rubio: "Open to taking in refugees, but cautiously" about taking in the Latinos? but that, doesn't really count as positive sound-bytes on the GOP's Humanitarian Efforts among their minions!
Ted Cruz: "Doesn't make sense to move refugees to the US"...well, Ted! it doesn't make much sense moving a dumb sociophobic Canadian-Cuban wannabee to Texas just to become a wannabee Buckaroo!...but we're still stuck with you!
Donald Trump: "Europe is handling it"...Europe is handling the problem, so screw helping anyone! Very, very, very diplomatic!...being obscenely Diplomatic under President Trump?

The GOP Candidates are fairly split about Syrian's just how they manipulate the issues to ultimately take Credit in public if it's a success or blame Obama if it's a failure. Do they care about Latino Refugees? when have they ever?? Do they care about the Syrian Refugees? No! not's just a political ruse to pick up a "Gold Star" and some brownie points from public opinion polls...they don't care about anyone, and they know ultimately it's going to be their political downfall! A little amount of refugees? no problem!...not enough of them to dent the good old White Majority!
But! Hispanics?!?!'s not a threat! 'is' reality and it's going to happen! The Latino will become the Majority in America in this Century...much sooner than later! And an ignorant sector of American Society not willing to accept it, will only end up crawling under a rock...along with those not willing to accept Blacks, Gays, Muslims and Jews...or any other Religion!

Xenophobia reigns supreme in the Land of the Stupids. I personally heard someone tell a French Canadian over 20 years a McDonald's! "Speak Amercan!" Not even "A-m-e-r-i-c-a-n"...but, ahhyup! Amercan! Watching the Bill Maher Show, he talked about Sarah Palin and her "Speak American" gaffe...when he said: “Why are the people who demand that everyone speak English always the ones who can’t speak English?” That made me think of why the systematic hate of the's not just the Freedom to remain a White America!...but the Freedom to speak Amercan!!       

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