Sep 14, 2015

Religious Freedom or Sharia Law...Same Message, Different Messenger

 By RF Schatten

The Hypocrisy of the Religiously Intolerant...welcome to the Kim Davis Show!! A nobody whose batshit sick views of Life became an exploitable commodity by Republicans, as their next "Grassroots of America" hero!...Kim Davis has been elevated to the GOP stature of Joe the Plummer...Version 2016!

Like if Joe the Plummer was such a success story?? Where in the hell do they find these sub-humanoids they keep schlepping from obscurity, and putting them on the political
stage?...and then call them representatives of what America wants, and what they stand for? The grandeur of Political horseshit...putting up in a pedestal, a law breaker and a phony Christian!...and even the obscenity comparing her to Abe Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr, and Rosa Parks. An obscene gesture from the Religiously and Politically obscene!
Ms Davis?...she's definitely not a "Miss", and as for "Mrs"?'ll have to ask any of her 3 ex-husbands, what can of 'Lady' she is?
“I don’t want to be in the spotlight...I’m just a person who’s been transformed by the grace of God, who wants to work and be with my family.”...But, this good Christian will take the spotlight and the money that comes along, because God spoke to her personally and told her to do it! can you say "no" to God??

Yes! this saintly so-called Christian...whenever she speaks, all that Christian "Family Values" just gushes out in a pretty nasty way. Ignorance is the greatest tool of Religious Intolerance, in Kim Davis? it's a Gigantic tool!...her Ignorance and total lack of understanding of a civil society made up of rules and laws, and proper civil behavior, has served her well in the land of the stupids. It's Religious Intolerance and Martyrdom in a Fool's Paradise.

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere" ~~ Voltaire

Every Court has ruled against this woman...she has been in jail in Contempt of Court for disobeying the law...and she continues filing Lawsuits! and at whose cost??? A petition asking the the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to "stop" the District Judge's order demanding that Davis and her office to issue Marriage Licenses to same-sex
Meanwhile, the continuous rhetoric at the Clerk's Office just keeps, it's not a legal document because her signature is not on it?? The game is over!! and you lost Kim! one is going to overturn the ruling, cause the United States Supreme Court
has made your issue, a non-issue. Same Sex Marriage is as Legal and Constitutional as any other, suck it up and go crawl into your cave, don't call us, we'll call you. We'll let you know when Armageddon arrives!...but don't wait too long over the phone!!

Enter Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz...the 2 perfect clowns to exploit the Intolerance
of morons...both doing their best impression of concerned politicos while trying to upstage each other during the spectacle of Kim's triumphant release from the slammer. Reverend Huckabee even announced that "If Allowed, I would take Kim Davis' place in Jail"...well, Mike! if you go to Jail, it'll be in Contempt of Court, which is a just
misdemeanor...sorry! Pedophiles are kept separated from the rest of the population, and you won't able to get to see them!

At the end of the day It comes down to the Intolerance and Bigotry of a person who refuses to obey the law that she swore to uphold...and as much as she believes in her heart she's right...the law, remains the law. The reason for our separation of Church and State is precisely for people like Kim Davis. Forcing people to adhere to someone else's Religious views over Civil Laws, while hypocritically criticizing Sharia Law? there's no
difference between these Christians and Muslims who believe in Sharia Law...only the names are changed to protect the innocent!

Religious Intolerance in America couldn't be better represented than by all these characters from the far side of the bizarre. All the lunacy of the Religious Right and their sheer ignorance about true Christianity, could never be better addressed and exposed than the Billboard Message in her hometown of Morehead, KY...courtesy of the non-profit
organization Planting Peace:
"Dear Kim Davis, The fact that you can't sell your daughter for 3 goats and a cow, means we've already Redefined Marriage"

Kim Davis' Lawyers To File New Lawsuit Against Kentucky Governor