Sep 7, 2015

Politics of Intolerance: Its Failure in a Pluralistic Society

 By RF Schatten

Intolerance is the by-product of Ignorance. A pluralistic society, by its very nature, is more an open minded brotherhood that's tolerant of their fellow man...where Social and Political intolerance is looked down upon as disrespectful acts of behavior...and a more tolerant society that rejects extremism.
For the socially retarded, it's all about their inability to associate with the rest of society, and remain a conversation piece on the "Status Quo" and "Neanderthal Caves".

"Intolerance is the most socially acceptable form of Egotism, for it permits us to assume Superiority without personal boasting" ~~~ Sydney J. Harris

Why is it that the overwhelming majority in every nation in the world view the United States of America's influence as Negative? while only one country views the United States as a Positive Influence in the world with a 57% Positive rating?...the United States!!  Is it the return of the Ugly American back as a headliner in the International Political Stage? or thoughts of arrogant Exceptionalism?...Political Intolerance in America is resonating an awfully large amount of Negative Influence. Watching that Ignorance at work, it's understandable why the rest of the Planet thinks that current US International influence...just plainly sucks! 

It's a whole new world out there! Today, positive and negative influence is dictated throughout the world by Social Media...with all do respect to the Grand Old Party of Greed...Influence isn't necessarily always measured by $$$ and Power, but, by respect and a person's character. In a civil and conventional society...unless under due force...Intolerance has never been accepted. With a world watching thru CNN, Fox, the Internet, and every other media...does anyone truly expect American Influence to be at an all-time high??

How positive can American Influence be in the International Theater these days, with the continuous systematic intolerance perpetrated throughout this country, every day?
The batshit lunacy of an Intolerant Right, hell bent into driving this Country, and the rest of the World...into a serious heavy drinking binge! Now, the I7 Egotistical clowns controlling the airways...all in a pissing contest, trying to out do each other, from the absurd to the bizarre.
First a Berlin Wall across the entire Southern Border of the United States to keep out everyone not acceptable by the Far Right, then, complete the isolation of America by building another wall...across the Northern Border!! keep those dastardly Canadian Terrorists from sneaking over the border! As John Candy said; "Gotta worry about those Canadians"!!
And then, if all this lunacy is not enough?? enter a man who closed a bridge to keep people from crossing to the other side...different story, same arrogant intolerance. After isolating the Country with the Great Wall of America, why not make sure no one jumps the wall?...just "Tag" anyone coming in legally and Track them like a FedEx package, all over the country!

So, if you're profiled by the Cops as a Latino and don't have a FedEx Tag?'re toast! A flair for a police state?? no! it's more like a flair for arrogant egotistical ignorance...they call it Patriotism!

The Violence, the shootings of at least 60 or more unarmed people by Law Authorities...and how many have been tried or convicted? How about exonerated? We're averaging 1 mass shooting per day, and the Right is having multiple orgasms watching and participating where Open Carry Laws exists! Sometimes, it's embarrassing to be an American...and when traveling in other countries? Wonder why our influence suck so much around the world?
The lifelong intolerance for the Black Community, intolerant with the Gay Community, the Women...the Hispanics? How do you say FedEx in Spanish?...all the fear and hate instigated by Political Intolerance. A Class war for filthy rich egotistical opportunists to turn America into a Plutocratic Ruling Class Society. And then you got Evangelical Christianity and their quest to become the only Religion in the world!

We're not a Christian Nation, we live in a multi-denominational society, and the US Constitution clearly separates Church and State...the separation of the Church from the State is precisely the damn reasons why our founding fathers and the rest of the original wretched refuse came to America!!...and wrecked the Indians' neighborhood forever!  Christianity may be the majority...but it's not a question of a democratic majority...  Who's right and who's wrong? Religion is a matter of belief...your believes may not necessarily be the believes of someone else's Religion. A multi-denominational society of Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Atheists, Agnostics, and every other belief. Christianity?  Evangelical America makes up a quarter of all Christians...that's only 12% of all the Religions in the United States!

12% in this country, wants control of the other 88% of Religions in the US. Our world Influence? are you kidding?? positive are all these signs? By forcing their own believes on others in the guise of Religious Freedom, shows the true nature of their Intolerance...whether it's Xenophobic, Homophobic, or Gynephobic's the arrogant, misguided believes of the insanely ignorant.
And speaking of the insanely stupid!...57% of the United States believes we're a positive influence in a world that's quickly and openly signaling their strong displeasure with the United States?1?!...and then you ask about American Influence??

The Politics of Intolerance | Alan Briskin