Feb 6, 2015

Bibi and the Stooge: Who really mislead, who?

By RF Schatten

Karma is a Bitch! When you lead a life where you abandon all your principles in exchange for power and influence...where misleading, lying, and deceiving, is an everyday routine...sooner or later all your actions are going to come back, and kick you right up your ass!

Now, that it appears as an embarrassment to Israel...spin masters in Jerusalem are throwing the blame, back to John Boehner!! Poor Bibi was misled by Boner??...how could something like that happen?? The genius behind the private invitation of a Head of State, together preparing the perfect speech, while going behind the backs and without the knowledge of the State Dept, US Ambassadors, the Administration, and the President...has become the stooge scapegoat of his own scheme...and a very embarrassing and complicated international Diplomatic situation.

Does anyone believe that Benjamin Netanyahu, by far, among the world's most extremely shrewd veteran political leaders...really believes that John Boehner mislead him? The scheme was to humiliate and embarrass Barack Obama, and undermine US-Iran nuclear talks...essentially dividing Democrats into abandoning talks with Iran over their Nuclear Program.

Benjamin Netanyahu has his own agenda...the ultimate invasion of Iran...which the Republicans most certainly would enjoy. I can just see John McCain...envious of watching King Abdullah II in his flight suit. Abdullah was General of the Jordanian Special Forces and a certified Cobra Helicopter Pilot, before becoming King. Unlike, John McCain...he hasn't crashed any planes or choppers, yet!

Who's responsible for the ultimate motivation to put on this spectacle? Who made the first move?...BiBi or Boner?? They both knew exactly what they were doing!! Appeal to the far Right Wing mentality, advocating fear and hate towards Islam...appeal to their religious ignorance and fervor...Tea lovers eat up all that horseshit, big time!

"Hypocrisy and Distortion are passing currents under the name of Religion" ~~~ Gandhi

Except for the financial rewards, Ben Netanyahu could care less about the concerns of this Country...his first, last, and only concern is Israel...don't fault him for that, even if I don't agree with his visions of Iran. But, in this case, it's not so much about a Prime Minister's policies, ideas, and thoughts...but about a man's personal character. How much can you trust a leader that is willing to undermine and influence an election in another country, or work with the opposition party of another country to undermine the present government's policies? How would Israel react if Barack Obama addresses the Knesset to undermine Bibi and the Likud Party? Who would be outraged?...besides the GOP...who would be outraged in Israel?

In a civilized world, diplomacy is a life of protocols...observing the rules of politeness and mutual respect...a certain Integrity between adversaries. Diplomacy is the only civilized way of ever avoiding wars or stopping them! In the case of Benjamin Netanyahu, he's broken every rule of diplomacy...blatantly interfering and trying to undermine another country's politics and administration policies! The fact that it backfired, and the blame game has begun...does not dismiss Bibi's BS that he didn't know that Obama wasn't aware. Wasn't aware that he was coming to speak to congress, about the evils of Iran...while Obama and the State Dept are negotiating with Iran on Nuclear talks. Wasn't aware that the invite was kinda Partisan? maybe his Red Phone was out of service?...or he missed it on CNN or Fox?

61% of all Americans support the President's negotiations with Iran. When a foreign leader comes to undermine these negotiations, defies custom and tradition, and embarrasses the President...that's disrespect for the Office! and to the American people!!

A dishonorable and disrespectful man doesn't deserve the respect of the American people...or its Representatives in Congress. A boycott would send a message loud and clear to Boehner, the GOP, and especially to Netanyahu...go screw yourself, and don't interfere with 'our' politics!! Yes! it's time to ‪#‎BoycottBibi‬

Israeli official suggests Boehner misled Netanyahu on Congress speech | Reuters