Feb 26, 2015

"Cancer is a Fungus"?...Ignorance is the true Fungus

By RF Schatten

It's inconceivable the outright ignorance in this country when it comes to Medicine!! Are we really becoming a country of stupids? Total idiots, talking stupidity about things they have absolutely no understanding of.

Now, you got the Anti-Vaxxers...the new word in the sound-byte world...parents who refuse to have their kids vaccinated in the community. Schools? other kids go to school, too? Don't give a damn who my kids spread any bacterial viruses to, that's not my problem..."It's My Constitutional Right", "the Government cannot force my kids to be vaccinated!". The audacity of it all, it's that they're putting their Constitutional Rights ahead of the Health and Welfare of their own Children! And the hypocrisy! that 99.99% of them...if born or grown up in the United States...are alive and well today, because 'they' got vaccinated as kids!

They had good parents who believed in common sense...who knew they probably weren't doctors or scientists...and just trusted someone who knew what they were doing! Today, in all their exploited ignorance...you don't trust no one! don't trust Government! don't trust Scientists!...they just don't trust anyone who disagrees with them in anything! 
And now!...drumroll, please!..."Cancer is a Fungus"! wash it with salt, huh? OK!! sometimes I wonder if it's really ignorance?...or their sordid ways of continuously trying to mindfuck humanity?

To Anti-Vaxxers: You have 'that' Constitutional Right...if you don't want your child to get vaccinated? fine!...but, you have to keep them home!...the rest of the Community doesn't want your son or daughter spreading any serious diseases and contaminating others in the schools, or for that matter...throughout the Community. It's called responsibility as a Parent...and as a Citizen of the Community!

Just wash your Cancer, away! Wow!! scrub that slimy Fungus off...and rinse it away! Why don't they visit every Cancer patient in the Country, and prove to 'them'...that they can cure their Cancer! Hey! they'll pay any cost...if they can be cured of Cancer!
Or how about visiting a Hospital and see what Cancer really is! talk to the survivors...and the terminal. Then tell them your horseshit!...and see what their response to you, is? Or are you too embarrassed around Cancer to look at them, straight into their eyes?

Incredible! the basic education in this country!...how people don't 'think', how little informed they are about Medicine and Science, and how they are socially regressing in the state of our Society. When they reject science and actively support charlatans selling you miracle elixirs to cure your "Fungus"!...and believe that Rand Paul knows more about Medicine than the entire Medical World, who say there's absolutely no proof...and, not a single case ever reported...that vaccinations cause Autism!

People like this, with all due respect...will never really change...it's sad, and I feel the most for the Children. They'll grow up uneducated, and health wise? I sincerely wish them all the good health...no one should have to remain sick, with the wonders of Modern Medicine...because of lack of money...or because of ideology!
On the positive side...I'm just happy to be in the majority with that part of the human race, that still believes in Medicine, Research, Moving Forward, and Caring for your fellow man! I for one, don't have the desire to live in the land of the stupids...this 'is' a free country!