Feb 15, 2015

Mississippi: A contradiction in Cognitive Development

By RF Schatten

Hatred, Bigotry, Racism...and why Ignorance and poor Cognitive Development has kept Ole Miss at the bottom of the cracker barrel on virtually all economic and social indicators. And that's totally shameless...the Magnolia State is such a beautiful place!

Mississippi and the #50...it's normal to see those 2 together when talking economics, and other subjects.

Unemployment: Highest in the Nation. GDP per capita: Lowest of all 50 states...and Last in personal consumption. Wages: Lowest in the country.
Education in Mississippi: The State has the notable distinction of ranking 51st out of the 50 States...with the District of Columbia, ranking higher. Education Week’s Quality Counts gave both DC and Ole Miss, a grade of "F"...the only 2 Fs in the country! Mississippi is also among the lowest 10 states in providing young people a chance, financing for schools (46th), and improving the quality of teaching.
Mississippi and the #50 again!! Obamacare? they probably rather die!...and they will...a lot quicker than any other State in the Union! Advice; Mississippi and Healthcare...if seriously ill, move out or buy a lot of life insurance!
Healthcare: We're #50! Were #50! Health for Seniors: We're #50! Were #50! Children in Poverty: We're #49!...but seriously trying our hardest to reach 50!!

Social Issues are just considered dirty words to old southern white boys...they want to prove to the world that intelligence doesn't necessarily improve from one generation to another. They're a living, breathing contradiction of hereditary progression and traits...they 'are', stupider than their parents!

“All the blacks are getting food stamps and what I call ‘welfare crazy checks.’ They don’t work.” So, since they don't work, GOP State Rep. Gene Alday figures why waste money educating their kids! Is that bigotry or racism?...or just plain sheer human ignorance? They 'are' #50...and proud of it! If they didn't like it, the state would've elected someone else!...but it appears they just love the batshit and the bizarre! Living in a perpetual time machine with no forward gears...and their favorite Bible, on hand.

Growing up, human beings develop by learning how to explore objects with your fingers and toes, how to touch things...you begin to recognize things, hear things, you start to learn, to read, and to think...understand, rationalize, theorize, and start coming up with your own personal conclusions about life. That's called Cognitive Development...Cognitive Development in Mississippi? We're #50!!

Lawmaker Opposes Education Funding Because It Would Go To 'Blacks' Who Get 'Welfare Crazy Checks' | ThinkProgress