Feb 8, 2015

Ted Cruz and the GOP: Born-again...fabricating a new Reality.

By RF Schatten

In the spirit of Republican promos, on their born-again love for the poor...when your words and deeds have no merits to stand on...embrace the public and fabricate a reality.

Reality? Raphael Cruz Jr. 'is' the official "legislative" mouthpiece for Republican right wing propaganda...spreading the bull is his forte...the Party's resident Charlatan and Demagogue. Spread the cow manure thick and heavy, arouse the emotions, the passions...and the prejudices of his loyal fanatic minions...which make up the lunatic Tea loving fringe of the GOP.
Reality, 'is'...a man who looks at ya, straight into your eyes and tells you something that he knows perfectly well, he's full of shit...and he knows everyone will out him, but still does it! Controversy at the height of American ignorance helps to keep the truth hidden. He's your quintessential Political Troll... want to stir up controversy? call Ted...he's a thorn on everyone's ass, especially his own Republican Party!

What legislation has Ted Cruz voted for that helps the "hurting people"? What is Ted's record on helping the poor and the middle-class? If the Democrats are the party of the 1%, why has he voted 100% in favor of all legislation that favors the 1%?...and why are the Democrats, the Party of the 1%...if they keep voting against their interest?. Legislative voting records and voting patterns...are a matter of public record, Ted!

Want some Reality? Between 2001 and 2009..the glorious years of George W...Poverty rates for women nearly double that of men. In 2009, the poverty rates were 7% and 13%, respectively, for men and women. The chance of suffering a Health condition (acute or otherwise) rose 45-55%. Poverty trends for Senior Citizens...for the same period...rose at a similar rate.

Meanwhile, the GOP has been helping all those "hurting people" through offshore tax "havens", at an estimate of $50 Billion to $200 Billion of revenue losses per year. The Tax Justice Network estimates that in offshore tax havens alone, by 2010, some $21 to $32 Trillion Dollars have been hidden away by the super elite. Reality: Is the GOP going to demand that tax shelters be outlawed, so 'hurting people' they're helping could get their fair share?...oh! hell no!!...this is a story about "Reality"! Fiction and Illusions are for Tea Lovers only!

"If you live a life of make-believe, your life isn't worth anything until you do something that does challenge your reality" ~~~ Morgan Freeman

Reality Check: Opportunist, Professional Bullshit Artist, McCarthy fanatic, wannabe Cuban, troublemaker extraordinaire, and a pain in the rear of his own party...but especially a fool, who can't understand and challenge the reality of his own life... a 15 minute aberration in American political history, and the greatest media hound since Sid 6.7!!

Ted Cruz: ‘Reality’ is that GOP helps ‘hurting’ people and Democrats are party of ‘the top 1 percent’