Feb 4, 2015

Net Neutrality vs Content Control: Internet1 Big Money 0...SCOTUS next?

By RF Schatten

Let the Sunshine in!! A big win for every loving net citizen...a free Internet! From someone who's been involved on both the professional level and just another net citizen; from the days of the NSF, ARPANET, Bulletin Board Services, and NCSA Mosaic...and a proud supporter of the Electronic Frontier Foundation's "Blue Ribbon" Campaign for Internet Free Speech, since day #1...it's been a very long time coming!! Thank you!
The proposal by FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler is for the FCC to use its authority under Title II of the Communications Act to protect Consumer Broadband Internet. It's a victory for every single citizen who believes corporations don't have the right to impose their will over the Internet...it's a vicious loss for corporations, greed, and big $$$...who believes they are citizens, too.

Politically speaking: Huge victory for Barack Obama, who called for the FCC to use their authority under Title II. Big win for the Progressive movement and everyone who cares about the internet...and not be dictated by corporations such as Comcast, on what we see and what we hear. Big losers? Corporations, Industrialists, $$$, and the GOP...they can't stop free speech or internet scandal videos.

Worse than Gay Issues, worse than Immigration, even worse than Healthcare...they can deal with all those issues as they flip-flop their positions around...but what Republicans fear the most, is their inability to exploit and influence the masses through cyberspace with their official propaganda. Their strongest machine is FOX and News Corp...TV and Print...the Internet? they don't have a clue. They can gerrymander their way into Congress...but they can't gerrymander their way across the nation, into the White House! Is no big surprise that the Internet was a major factor in both Obama wins.

Why do Republican politicos privately dislike the Internet? it's hard to lie and persuade people to buy your horseshit, in front of the entire planet. Someone sooner or later...or even YouTube...is going to call you out. It's not too conducive for the Grand Old Party to be exposed for what and who they really are. Corporations and Politicos are part of the same mutual admiration society, with a GOP, that wants to control whatever you see and whatever you hear...and tweak the Internet to fit their Religious, Political, and Business Philosophies...anyone else? pay big time if you want Net Service, or sell your PC!

You see, again it's all about privatization! Why one small sector of this country continues to want the entire pie, all for themselves...for $$$ and much darker reasons...and why the rest of this country believes, 'they' deserve the greatest portion of that American Pie.

The corporate world lost this round, but $$$ can buy anything in this country...including 5 guys in the Supreme Court. Next round? SCOTUS. A lot of "Corporation are People" bullshit will be flying around, so, duck!...but it'll be interesting to see what happens...the ramifications will be disastrous if they think they can control the Internet!...they're not just going to have to deal with irate computer savvy people, who can cause more than enough trouble here in America...but, go up and deal with the rest of the world, too!

Net Neutrality is inevitable, as much as some want it stopped...unless you got a repressive regime, that prevents their citizens from trying to access the Net...there's absolutely no way of stopping anyone from entering the Net, whether by hook or by crook!...the Internet and the 5th Estate has literally become, too big to fail!

Abe Lincoln was right; "you can't fool all the people, all of the time".

FCC Chief Announces Big Win For Net Neutrality Advocates