Feb 3, 2015

Medicine, Skeptics, and the Conservative passion for Medical Ignorance

By RF Schatten

Now, a US Senator...that, when people say he's full of shit...he may really be full of shit!! Watch out if Thom Tillis approaches you and tries to shake your hand.

Health and Hygiene? freedom of choice is the belief of this goofball!...and this coming from a man assigned to the Committee on Agriculture and 'Nutrition'. Because, it's so 'nutritious' to eat food prepared by someone who just previously went potty and didn't wash his or her hands!!

How the stature of the GOP keeps elevating itself to a level of incompetence, a political "Peter Principle" mentality. You got this character fresh out of NC, the latest and greatest Tea loving clown to arrive in DC. And you got Chris' Big Boy running around appeasing the lower IQ sector of the Republican Party, stressing that parents should have "some measure of choice" whether to vaccinate their kids or not....naturally, Christie reversed himself when he realized how much of an idiot he revealed himself to be...again!... saying such political nonsense. Within minutes...the Governor's Office response: "The Governor believes vaccines are an important public health protection and with a disease like measles there is no question kids should be vaccinated".

First came Ebola...now, everyone's in an uproar because of a Measles outbreak!...again, all this panic because of one single solitary factor; the great Republican Ignorance Outbreak! Strange that Obama hasn't been accused of the Measles Show like he was with the Ebola Show? And like Ebola, for which Vaccines are now being actively produced, the outrage against the administration...demanding action...even while trying to cut funds! Now you have "science deniers" urging action by medical science to stop a virus and find a cure. It's called Vaccination, stupid!!...and it's not surprising that the overwhelming amount of patients that got the Measles are kids!! Why? because these fabulous parents who believe in "choice" or...whether to vaccinate or to not vaccinate their child...are all basically vaccinated!!

Why hasn't there been a major outbreak of Measles in the country for so many years? Since the 50s, everyone in this country, if their 1st day of school is here ..in the United States...they've been immunized!! What the hell is the big deal?? In 2014, 600+ cases of Measles...the highest since 1994...were reported in the US. According to the National Center for Disease Control's Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, the overwhelming majority of the people who got Measles were unvaccinated. And now, Rand Paul goes on record for scaring the living hell out of his flock of flunkies and fanatics, by saying that Vaccinations can cause 'Autism'...even if there's not one shred  of verified medical evidence on record worldwide, to that claim.

Conservatism in America has blossomed out a whole new meaning for Stupid. Vaccinations, Public Health, and Hygiene at the Workplace...'are' the concerns of the whole community!...even the intellectually deficient, whether they're saying something outrageously stupid and absurd...or just shaking your hand.

GOP Senator: Don't Force Employees To Wash Their Hands After Using Toilet