Apr 9, 2015

Replacing the Constitution with the Bible: Evangelical America, Ted Cruz, and their Fight for God!

By RF Schatten

How a little crybaby boy gets pissed and throws a hissy fit...because he can't get what he wants!

Evangelicals, refuse to believe that the Constitution was not written expressly for them? If you can't get what you want? Strip the power! Strip the power from Obama to negotiate, because the GOP's leader, Bibi Netanyahu doesn't approve. Strip the Power of the Presidency by publicly undermining negotiations against their own Government's foreign policy. Strip the power from anything that would make Obama look better than the Republicans. Strip the power of the Supreme Court on Gay Issues! Next? strip the power of the Supreme Court on Black Issues? Hispanic Issues? Women Issues?

"Religious Freedom", from Women, Blacks, Hispanics...and Gays! To ostracize society and 'legally' get away with murder!! They own Five of the Nine Judges...why shouldn't they get what they paid for? 'That' is Teddy's hissy fit!!

Ted Cruz wants the U.S. Congress to eliminate the power of the Federal Judiciary, including the Supreme Court, by passing a Law banning them from hearing or ruling on Marriage Equality Cases. Back, to that good old time Religion!! Get the Tents up...and let the Revival begin! Though it's Politically Incorrect to allow Elephants inside a Circus tents, now day!!

And after the Gays...what? To Cruz; Theocracy should take precedence over the Constitution. Separation of Church and State?? Not when you have fanatical ignorance marching down Main Street, wrapped in the flag and carrying their favorite version of the Bible!!

Evangelicals don't want separation between Church and State...to them, the Church rules the State. Tom Delay recently said; “Fight this battle to the bitter end because when you let the government dictate what you believe and what your values are, this country is finished.” Evangelical America and their war with everyone who doesn't agree with their values! A battle that will continue until common sense wins out, and they all go back to their Caves or Closets.

Whether a Judge is paid off or not!...threatening the Supreme Court of actions they will take if the ruling doesn't favor them? It just gives the Judges, a bigger reason to vote in favor of Marriage Equality! You can just hear Antonin Scalia, after listening to Cruz and his little constitutional thoughts; "You don't fucking tell me how to vote in my court, little boy!!"

Ted Cruz Wants To Strip the Supreme Court's Authority On Marriage Equality