Apr 23, 2015

Education in Bobby Jindal's Louisiana: "How to File Bankruptcy 101"

BY RF Schatten

Only a Degenerate would speak at College Commencements and accept Honorary Degrees...while, blatantly destroys the Educational System in his State.

An ambitious man who wants to be President and turn our Nation's Education, into the model of his Education experiment in the Cajon State.  Passing Laws privatizing Public Education in Louisiana, School Vouchers, shoving Creationist Nonscience into School Curriculums...legally indoctrinating their own Religious beliefs into the school system! How subjects must be taught! Textbooks brought to you directly from the Pensacola-based A Beka Book Curriculum and Bob Jones University Press, to teach their pupils Bible-based "Facts". The Children of Louisiana are so fortunate, they get to learn so much about so little!

The Foundation of every State is the Education of its Youth ~~ Diogenes

Well, the foundation of the State of Louisiana is going to the crapper! How smart are those coming out into the world from Louisiana? The US Chamber of Commerce's 2014 "Leaders and Laggards" List, ranks Louisiana dead last among the 50 States...but, ahead of the District of Columbia! And no progress in the last 7 years. Grades of F in 5 of 11 Categories, Fs in Academic Achievement and Academic Achievement for Low-Income and Minority Students. Official Findings? “Student performance in Louisiana is very weak; the state ranks among the lowest in the nation”. Well? so much, for 'that' "Vouchers helps poor kids go to better schools" horseshit!! Bobby Jindal just proved that his Education Model...Sucks!

Now, to culminate things...Louisiana State University is among 20 State Campuses forced to plan for eventual Bankruptcy, due to Bobby's budget!!...I guess LSU and others refused Jindal's, Bob Jones' textbooks! They're for kids, anyway...you don't indoctrinate someone who's developed the ability to think. Get them while they're young, it's easier to keep stupid!

An Educational System that received a big fat "F" from the conservative US C. of C. and a poorly administrated state government...and he wants to do all this, for the American Public, if elected President?

Piyush Jindal will do whatever it takes to appease the Far Right Christian Evangelicals, using his own good Ivy League education at Brown, and at Oxford...along with his own knowledge of Christianity and Roman Catholicism to exploit the Tea Aficionados. Yes! Jindal belongs in that same category of Rick Santorum and Ted & Daddy Cruz. A very smart man, who learned early in life: There's Big Money in Religion!

Bobby Jindal will never be elected President of the United States. The Elimination of Public Education, School Vouchers, Anti-Healthcare, Anti-Gay, Anti-Women, Anti-Union, Privatizing all Social Programs and favoring the ideas Oligarchy.  Bobby has all the credentials needed to be anointed by the Supreme Brothers Koch, same policies, same dream! As Intelligent, as he's reported to be, all that Religious fervor that keeps him close to Evangelicals, and his Pro-Corporate stance...an Oxford Scholar, very impressive! But, he'll never have the full support of David and Charles.

When push comes to shove, Bobby Jindal will never fit in David and Charles Koch's world of Aristocratic "exclusivity"...White American Aristocracy will not confuse him with an Anglo-Saxon Protestant,  He's just not the right shade of pigment for their indiscrimination! Bobby Jindal, a victim of his own Party's discriminations on Minorities!

20 cash-starved public colleges drafting bankruptcy plans thanks to Bobby Jindal’s budget