Apr 20, 2015

When the End of the World arrives...always look on the bright side of life!

By RF Schatten

America's fascination with its own demise...the Zombie Apocalypse! A great marketing scheme, at an age of such extreme gullibility. End of the World Parties! Zombie Bars! Movies...both dramatic disasters or comedies! Zombie costumes, edible make-up and cherry flavored blood. Consumers just can't have enough!...and the public preoccupation with the thoughts; "How 'is' the end of the world going to occur? and how is it going to look like, afterward?"

Oh, well! The End is coming...it begins when you're born and it ends when you die. So, how are you going to see the final concluding chapter of that great reality show, called "Our Earth"...if you're dead?

We need to take life a little less serious at times...just, too many don't...especially those on the Right.

But, we also have to look at the reality...the End of the World 'is' coming, as John Oliver said; either by the Destruction of our Climate or Nuclear Armageddon!

It's all about how to keep the planet from a complete climate implosion!...with no giant intergalactic ship to hitch a ride, out! While, at the same time...deal with Fanatics around the World and Fanatics at Home, bent on having that one last battle for all the marbles, between the Sharks and the Jets...with ultimate control of what is left, which is nothing!

Dealing with all this shit, can be quite stressful and annoying, but laughter tends to sooth the soul! Always look on the bright side of life!

John Oliver: This is probably the video you’ll want to watch if the world is ending