Apr 27, 2015

The Death Penalty?... or a long wait for those 72 Virgins?

By RF Schatten

Death Penalty for a Muslim Terrorist? Dying for Islam means 72 Virgins awaits each of them in Jannah (Paradise).
To these fanatics, a worst punishment would be to spend the rest of their lives, awaiting those 72 Virgins behind bars...while being the Biotch for 72 guys named Big Bubba!

Why does Massachusetts oppose the Death Penalty so vehemently? Is it the Religious Values in that portion of the country? the Societal Values of New England life?...or in the political connotation by the writer; "A sign of the Bay State's 'Liberal' Values"?

To rest one of those arguments, the dictionary meaning of "Liberal/Liberalism": 1) Free from Prejudice or Bigotry; Tolerant.  2) Freedom of the Individual and Governmental guarantees of Individual Rights and Liberties. 3) Favoring or Permitting Freedom of Action, especially with respect to matters of Personal Belief or Expression. 4) Relating to Representational forms of Government rather than Aristocracies and Monarchies.

Being Tolerant is a Christian Value! In the teachings of Jesus Christ, is said; Unconditional Love; "Love your Enemy, and Pray for those who Persecute You" ...the "Forgiveness of Sins". Being free of Prejudice and Bigotry? the love for your fellow human beings on this earth!...hating Blacks, hating Gays, hating Muslims, and hating Immigrants 'is' Bigotry! And "Bigotry" in the teachings of Jesus Christ...is a Sin!

Love, Feed, Heal, and Forgive your Fellow man are Christian acts of kindness, and if that's 'Liberal'?...then God must be a pretty liberal guy!!

New England has always favored Abolishing Executions, ever since the 1800s...it's in their Culture, their Social Values...maybe it's their Mea Culpa for the sins of Salem?  The State abolished Capital Punishment in 1984, yet, not one solitary person has ever been executed since 1947!

Compared to the 19% who wants the Death Penalty...63% of Bostonians wants Tsarnaev to live in his new home along with his new neighbors, the rest of his life.

Whether is Religion, Society or Politics...it really doesn't matter! It's what matters to Boston! with their Eastern Liberal mindset and common sense awareness of life!

What's worse than death? Do Bostonians really want to see this kid rot in prison?...or, is it just to watch Dzhokhar Tsarnaev be Bubba's BoyToy...and never, ever get to see even one of his 72 Virgins?

Massachusetts Residents Overwhelmingly Oppose the Death Penalty for Boston Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev