Apr 19, 2015

The Magical Illusion of a Christian America

By RF Schatten

What makes America a Christian Nation? Absolutely Nothing!!...if you're not a Christian.

Absolutely nothing! if you practice Judaism, absolutely nothing! if you're a Hindu...if you practice Sikhism, Buddhism, or Taoism?...it doesn't make America any more or any less Christian! How about Islamics? no sense of even going there with any type of semi-intelligent reasoning...Evangelicals don't even consider them humans!! And finally, there's one sector who will rightfully argue that America is definitely not, a Christian Nation...Atheists!!

Where in God's name does it say in the United States Constitution, that the United States of America is a Christian Nation? For those not too well informed or haven't thought about it since High School...Nowhere! absolutely nowhere! in the Constitution does it mention Christianity or even Jesus Christ! Only twice is Religion mentioned in the US Constitution. In the 1st Amendment: "Respecting an Establishment of Religion or Prohibiting the Free Exercise thereof" and in Article VI, which "Prohibits Religious Testing for Public Office".

The US Constitution is a "Secular Document"!! It was not written by God...it was written by the Wretched Refuse that landed on our shores. Our Founding Fathers were not the most saintly bunch of Christians...certainly not Thomas Jefferson, who was a philanderer!! They were all characters of their own time, human beings with faults...but they had something no longer in style...they had Principles, they wanted to built something right. James Madison's Government Model was very good, and it lasted over 200 years. But, as this nation evolved...the skullduggery of money, greed, and the maneuvering of Religions for control over the populace, has not changed!

We, The People, are not all Christians...and our Founding Fathers understood that! That's why they precisely, made a point of Separation of Church and State!!

But Religion sells! especially "Good Old Time Religion"! those emotions that literally takes you right out of your body! Tent Evangelists spewing  their charlatan words to generations of ignorance...very easy mind control, Oral Roberts made a mint! Opened up a University, then established a Medical School that in January, 1987; God told him 'personally', his life on this Earth would end and "God will call me home", if he didn't raise $8 Million by March! After coming out short, $4.5 Million...his frenzied flock, worried for his life, opened their hearts up even more...to a total tune of $9.1 Million!! His personal net worth was over $55 Million! Easy Mind Control games!...just ask Marjoe Gortner!

"One Nation Under God" was a political creation, not a divine sign! "All Men are Created Equal" is why we declared our Independence! The Equal Right to be just like anyone else, the right to be a Jew, a Hindu, a Muslim, whatever Religion pleases your soul!!...it's your human right!

Pushing Christianity under the guise of "Christian" Morals, Evangelicals don't represent the Christian World! They don't represent the Roman Catholic Church, or any other Christian Church...their origins are White Anglo-Saxon Protestant, who broke off from the Catholic Church. Their form of Christianity is of their own making, but the American Evangelical movement today, remains an insult to the rest of the Christian World.

Theocratic control over the populace was much easier when America wasn't as diverse...today, only by force...violent or non-violent...but, only by force!

Besides Bubba Ray, Bobbi Jo, and Ricky Bobby, here in America, 'We, the People' includes Fritz, Hans, Jose, Roberto, Francois, Mario, Ivan, Arjun, Sendhil, Ali, Takeshi, Raza, Marco...and Barack!

We 'are' the Wretched Refuse, the Mutts of the World.  We're a Nation of variety, not exclusivity...a nation of tolerance, not intolerance,  and a nation where, at the Final Curtain, "Common Sense"...that use of a little thinking once in a while, wins out over such enormous ignorance.  The strength in our Country is not Power by Force...it's all in one powerful synergy by We, the People!

Christian America is an invention: Big business, right-wing politics and the religious lie that still divides us - Salon.com