Aug 14, 2017

Charlottesville: A Live Introduction to Fascism

By RF Schatten

"Those who do not Remember the Past are Condemned to Repeat It" ~~~ Santayana

Never in my Lifetime, has this quote from my favorite philosopher been so relevant than today, in the Age of Trumpism...the sadness of it all? Those with a little Education understands, but are still powerless to do anything in the Idiocy of Trump's America!
Yes! We live in a world where Laws are being attacked by the Lawless, where Morality takes a back seat to the worst forms of Immorality, where Obscenities and Lies by the Leader of a Nation are considered the norm, and all tolerated by so much ignorance!

My friends, 'We' have all arrived at that historical Fork on the Road!...where a Dysphunctional populace, can't continue to ignore life anymore!...whether you want to or not, you 'will' have to take a serious decisive stance! It's your once & maybe only chance in your Life that will affect your kids, your kid's kids, and all your future's 'your' Responsibility! You're gonna have to 'choose' between the Civility of Democracy or the Impudence of Fascism!

If you believe this is about Donald Trump? You're partially right...but look around you! look around the World! and you see Donald Trumps everywhere!! That nasty fever of Nationalism is spreading, and their champions are the likes of Donald Trump, Jean-Marie Le Pen, Rodrigo Duterte, Erdogan, Putin, and other Extreme Right Wing Demagogues. Their Civilized Resistance? It's now up to the World According to Justin Trudeau, Angela Merkel, Macron, and others...and back to Civil Disobedience.

Once the strongest Leadership in the World...6 months ago!
In the 6 short months of Trumpism...we've lost everything, the total lack of Respect  & Trust for Americans around the Globe! The Character for what we stand for, and the continued humiliating embarrassments by this stupid tiny little man, every single solitary just simply embarrassing and disgusting!! But most important of all? Donald Trump continues to Insult everything America Stands For...and then some!

We've lost our own Self-Respect, by continuing to allow human garbage bags like Donald Trump to occupy the Oval Office, Rule, and Embarrass America every single Day of the year!! When our Allies, in front of all World Leaders, says the United States cannot be trusted anymore...." the US cannot be 'Trusted' anymore "??...we definitely have a major PR problem crisis in our hands!! The Question? How the hell do we fix it?!?!

Hillary Clinton once said; "Extremism thrives amid Ignorance and Anger, Intimidation and Cowardice". Whether anyone likes her or not...she's right!!! Just look at what Trumpism is all about! Draconian style Policies, Hate, Anger, and certainly Ignorance is what got Trump Elected...Intimidation and complete Cowardice is how he governs this Country.

Extremism, whether towards the "Right" or towards the "Left" still, Extremism!!
Our Nation's problems always keep coming back to the Heart of the issue...back to 1) America's Disparity of the Classes! 2) History of Religious Intolerance! 3) Misogyny in America! 4) The 200+ years of Xenophobia! and 5) Bigotry & Racism!...all deeply rooted in American Society. We must! we seriously must at all cost, have a National Dialogue on Class Struggle!! And on all the struggles facing our from Right or Left Ideology! But dealing with today's White House Crisis, Russia, and the rise of Fascism in this Country, on top of all that, too???

"Fascism is very much a Mob Movement" ~~~ PJ O'Rourke

For the record, Trumpism follows the practices of's those old Nazi Uniforms, the degenerative sexual glamour of fancy tight outfits and tall black shiny leather boots, the decadence that comes with all violent Psychopaths free of charge, the massive "Feel Good" Rallies held to please their Narcissistic Führer after bad news, and their Sieg Heil Salute, signifying their complete total Allegiance and Pledge of Loyalty!
Proof?? All the Administration's Policies, every single one of them! about screwing the entire United States' Population for the benefit of just a few Oligarchs, and the Trump Family.
And if you're too blind to see what's happening across this Nation? deserve what you get! While everyone else will Resist!

A "Mob Movement"? German's called them; "Sturmabteilung". The Stormtroopers were the Nazi Party's paramilitary group of "thugs", also known as Brown Shirts.
Their objective was Mob Rule. The very same objective in America, today! Back in the 20s, beating up and killing anti-Nazis demonstrators, actually, anyone they didn't like, never! condemned by's now 2017 and the beatings remain the same, this time beating Clergymen and Clergy Women with Baseball Bats and Brass Knuckles in Charlottesville!! The total immorality and despicable behavior by Trump Supporters!... Trump? Also flatly refused to condemn by their actions...any similarities?

American Fascism. Truthfully? It was very much expected! When you have the KKK, assorted White Nationalist and Supremacist Organizations, American Neo-Nazis, Skinheads. and an assorted group of every batshit crazy Bigot, Xenophobe, Homophobe, and Misogynist Hate group in America, all United Together?...and with the Royal presence of David Duke, to boot? In the age of Donald knew sooner or later America was going to implode!!!

As Duke said; "White Supremacists will 'fulfill' Trump's Promises" "Fulfill"?? Ahhyup! Trump's own Stormtroopers may be temporarily enjoying life as Fascists, terrorizing whomever they want. But remember, dickheads! Ignorance is Bliss and Karma Sucks, "The Night of the Long Knives" 'will' arrive!...and, with their own adoring double-crossing President, leading the assault! 

What's the glamour of Fascism? The same "Degenerates" that openly enjoy violence!...enjoy the violence on women, the violence on Blacks, the violence on Hispanics, nowadays...the Violence on Muslims. They also go gaga in the joy of denigrating everyone! They enjoy pain via Whips & Chains of Prussian Clad High Heeled Mistresses (It's those damned Nazi Uniforms!) Yes! they're the same degenerates that enjoy watching their own country's Sovereignty and Constitution go down the political crapper!

Coming out of the fringes of American Society as Raving Fascists and laying down their lives for Heir Führer, Donny Drumpf? The enjoyment of violence and guns and the belief that anyone they don’t agree with or dislike, don't necessarily need to live or deserve anything...cause it's God's will??
They blindly follow Trump's encouragements for increase Violence by Law Enforcement, and Violence itself!...our Nation is being divided by Violence, publicly Incited by of our very own damn President!
Never has Evil been so dominant inside the Oval Office. And all those Trump worshippers? the end?...who's going to speak up for these ignorant schmucks when they come "knocking" at 'their' door?

Listen, whether it's Fascism, Communism, Socialism...whatever ism! the end, it really doesn't benefit anyone! They're all Totalitarian forms of Governments, one way or another!
Leftists...whether Communists, Socialists, or Maoists, whatever their leaning is...have had their very nasty moments of power, but their succession of Governments continued till the "Ideological System"...itself was finally torn down!

The glory of Fascism? It never succeeds with Successors in Waiting...Hitler like the coward he was, took the easy way out and popped the "Pill". And to make death certain...had an adjutant put a Bullet through his head, afterward!   
2 Days earlier, Benito Mussolini...the very one man, the idol who Trump emulates to a "T", all his Character Traits and Mannerisms, all his Body Language, down to his Facial Expressions!...was hiding too, like the coward 'he' was, when he got caught, shot, and strung up by his feet publicly on the streets of Milan, alongside his Mistress and his cronies...while an emotionally angry and irate Italian Citizenry, physically took out their anger on them!

So, take heed, Mr. President! Kings, Queens, & Czars, and their "Families" have all met their own unpleasant early Demise. Two Bit Dictators have met their own unpleasantries, too...and all the $$$$ in the World is not going to buy you an extra day! A rich little man with tiny little hands who Betrayed America, means a lot to a very Angry, Resentful, and Betrayed Crowd! 

We've come down to a matter of simple basic Education. Just like trying to understand Socialism & Communism, America has never really been properly introduced and educated on Fascism ...and it appears, Americans are about to get a crash course!!  

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