Oct 21, 2015

Like Father, Like Son: Living in a Life of Lies & Deceit

 By RF Schatten

Like Father, like Son...from one horse's ass to another...the handbook of "How to be a Misanthrope, a vile Son of a Bitch, a Liar, and a Manipulator of Ignorance". And worst of all, using the sanctity of Religion as their base and opportunistic tool to carry on their sordid agenda!

The only difference between Junior and Senior, is their middle name. Exploiting their masses...whether as a Politico or a Pastor?...you're still exploiting the inner hate and fears of others!
Good horseshit stories to Texans in the 1950s who had no clue of the Cuban Revolution except seeing Papa Hemingway on a theater newsreel up in the Mountains with Fidel and company...or an occasional News reporter. Lie your tush off all you want, cause no one in 1950s Texas understands zilch!

Not till the 26th of July Movement rolled through the Streets of Havana, did the world really know anything that was going on in Cuba between Fidel Castro, Fulgencio Batista, and the "American Fruit Company" AKA The Central Intelligence Agency. Ahhyup!! on January 1st, 1959 the US State Dept, the Ambassador, and the CIA spooks in Havana told Batista; It was nice working with ya! But it's time to let go!...Adios amigo!

Did Batista stay and fight?...he fled with all the Gold from the Cuban Treasury in one military plane, and his beloved wife and family in the presidential plane...just in case it's shot down! A Cuban hero? He left as my family would say "Como un Guzano"!

The word "Guzano" which means worm in Spanish, was used as a political ploy by Fidel as a reference to the Cuban exiles in Miami. It's now considered derogatory to many Cubans, and to some even hateful. The actual meaning that Castro used for a "Guzano" was; A person who talks tough against the Government, but instead of staying and fighting for your cause...you leave like a little worm! To be totally honest, with all due respect to my Cuban Brothers and Sisters...many did leave that way, instead of staying and starting their own counter-revolution...but not everyone! To the majority of refugees, it was just another case of war, turmoil, and finding relocation.

The Story of El Descarado de Matanzas:
In Wikipedia, Senior's account says He fought for Fidel Castro in the Cuban Revolution when he was a teenager, but "didn't know Castro was a Communist." Actually Castro didn't come out as a Marxist till 1961, and wasn't even officially recognized, supported, or financed by the Cuban Communist Party...who didn't trust him since his college days...till a month or two before he even took power.

Fought as a teenager in the Revolution? Well...he might have worked for the movement in Matanzas during the early days, since, it started in 1953. He "fled" Cuba in 1957? No! he "left" in a regularly scheduled hourly flight from Jose Marti Airport, with an airline ticket! and whatever money he had sewn up his ass, and ended up in the Lone Star State.

Fought as a teenager in the Revolution? He was jailed sometime between the age of 14-18 if he started in the Revolution in 1953, cause he left in 1957! Seriously doubt that in the brutal Batista era, a teenager would be jailed for political subversion. There was no room for kids in his jails...If it was political and taken seriously, they would just kill the kid and leave him on the side of the road the next morning...a warning sign to anyone else!

Fought as a teenager in the Revolution? The visions that this saintly man spews over his flocks is that he was in "Combat", fighting alongside Fidel as comrades in arms. Interesting that Castro and his band of Revolutionaries landed in the yacht "Granma" on December 2nd, 1956...and big tough Rafael left early in 1957! ...fought alongside Fidel? my ass!!

After moving to Canada to work in the Alberta Oil Fields...and run his own Seismic Data Processing Firm for Drillers, Rafael became a Canadian Citizen, and the anointed Messiah was born!!. Just coincidence that Koch owns those fields? Maybe!

After moving back to the United States, he remained a Canadian Citizen till the Messiah became involved in Texas Politics...a situation perfectly meant for an opportunistic slime-ball...so he quickly became a US Citizen in 2005.
Now a Pastor in Carrollton, TX...Rafael Bienvenido Cruz has found his calling...becoming a religious bigot and hatemonger, with the perfect audience; stupid enough to follow his lies and believe the crock that he spoke personally to God, and was told that Little Teddy was the anointed one, who was going to save the world from the Anti-Christ!

So, people ask; Why is it so important to know about Pastor Cruz?

If you like Ted, you'll love Senior!...When you see Ted, you're watching his father! All his absurd BS, his hate for an entire society and all his crazy ideas and policies...all straight out of the saintly Pastor Cruz with his Minister's Diploma right out of a Cracker Jack Box. He's the most influential person in Ted Cruz's sordid life. When a screwball says that he spoke to God and his Son will be the chosen one to save the Earth from the Anti-Christ?...and his the flock fanatically agrees? ...you are listening to a dangerous Religious zealot!

A Dominionist, all geared up to shape his vision of a Theocratic America through his Messiah Son. Ted Cruz 'is' his father's son...and that's not good for a open and free America!

BUSTED: The credentials of Ted Cruz’s theocratic birther dad are wildly exaggerated — at best