Oct 27, 2015

Master Donald Trump: Profiles In Egotism & Self-Esteem

 By RF Schatten

The quintessential statement of wealthy Arrogance: "My Father gave me a "Small Loan" of just a Million Dollars"!...no surprise it came from an excessively spoiled little SOB brat who never ever had to physically sweat for his money at work to make a living...and never even had his fingernails dirty!

Ahhyup! Anyone can make it in America and become as successful as Trump!...well? at least that's his standard horseshit tale! You too can start from scratch, just a small measly loan of a Million Bucks!

There's only one problem to the all successful Donald Trump...the only one who ever finds any type of success out of all his ventures is one man...Mr. Donald Trump! He wants to "Make America Strong Again", just like what he did for Atlantic City!...a city whose economy in the dumps, while The Donald declared bankruptcy on all his Casinos: Trump’s Taj Mahal (1991), Trump Plaza Hotel (1992), Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts (2004), and Trump Entertainment Resorts (2009)...as he said, "I've used the laws of this country to pare debt..we'll have the company. We'll throw it into a 'chapter'. We'll negotiate with the banks. We'll make a fantastic deal!" But of course, screw the people in Atlantic City!

He calls himself the greatest businessman in the planet...but failed miserably by over-leveraging all his businesses. This rich little bully doesn't give a damn of anyone's life but his! Make America Strong Again? It's more about making all his Bank Accounts stronger than they already are! Donald Trump's only true friend is in life is his money.

All his open racist remarks? In 1973, the Justice Department filed suit against the Trump Management Corporation for alleged 'racial discrimination'. Is not new, as is in all his standards of practices...In January 2002, the Securities and Exchange Commission brought a financial-reporting case against Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts Inc, alleging that it had committed several "misleading statements in the company's third-quarter 1999 earnings
release" He probably holds the Guinness Book of Record for In-court and Out of Court lawsuit settlements.

Chris Lowe once said; "Stupidity combined with Arrogance and a Huge Ego will get you a long way....a perfect description and analysis on why Le Grande Orange has been able to screw with the minds of the American Public and make it this far...and a lot of money, of course! Willing to spend over $1 Billion, cause to the Trumpster...its just more money to write off in his Tax Returns before April 15th!

"Oh, many times, I’ve been told no by him (his dad). My whole life, really has been a no, it has not been easy for me!...It has not been easy for me. I started off in
Incredible! In a sentence or two, he arrogantly made a lame appeal to people's emotions on how hard it was for this poor baby growing up a destitute, always fighting for Daddy's money that kept saying 'no' to him during all his deprived life...while at the same time, disrespecting the people in Brooklyn, "It has not been easy for me. I started off in Brooklyn"?...all because he couldn't start his career in "Manhattan". What's wrong with Brooklyn? It's not 5th Ave or Madison Ave or Wall Street!...not good enough for the son of a Real Estate Mogul.

"None but a Coward dares to boast that he has never known Fear" ~~ Bertrand Russell

The man who wants to be President of the United States...fearless in character, a guy who talks tough on Foreign Affairs and knows more about Military strategy than all the generals and the US Army War College combined...because he learned it all in Military School as a teenager!
Wow! amazing the mind of that teenager to grasp all that knowledge just by being a Cadet in a Boarding Military Prep School!...and it's totally amazing the horseshit that overflows out of The Donald's mouth!

President Trump? A male chauvinist who believes that you cannot be guilty of 'Raping' your spouse...to him there's no such thing as Spousal Rape. Hey! he's Prince Pretty! every women wants to shack up with him!...so rape the shit out of them all you want!...cause he'll make another fantastic deal with the courts! At least Ivana walked out of that marriage pretty well off, financially...but he still raped her!

What kind of man would fight Birther issues and anchor babies when his own mother was an Immigrant from Scotland, and didn't even become an American Citizen till after the Golden Boy was born?!?! 'That', makes The Donald...an Anchor Baby!!

And he married an 'Immigrant' from Czechoslovakia who had all his kids before becoming an American Citizen, too! Well! Donald Jr, Ivanka, and Eric...congratulations! you too are
all Anchor Babies...like your old man!

And this piece of trash wants to build a wall to keep out Immigrants and deny Citizenship to Anchor Babies?...garbage smells the same whether you're rich or poor...it all becomes slimy, like the Trumpster at the Dumpster!

An Entrepreneurial Con Artist, a Disrespectful human being, a Conceded Braggart, an Ego-maniacal Narcissist, a 'No Fear' war hawk, a Filthy Foul Mouth, a Racist, and a Bigot..with a Super Extreme case of Misogyny!
The arrogance and the ego of a man who really believes that his business skills...as bad as his records show...is enough to make him the Most Powerful Man in the World, and a Global Statesman.

Except! he's just an Amateur with no idea of professional decorum, or the knowledge of how a Government really works...Ahhyup! Stupidity combined with Arrogance and a Huge Ego 'will' definitely get you a long way! But will the stupidity of his voters beat out civilized common sense? As they say; You get what you vote for, and live with it!...but can America live...and survive with a President Trump?

Donald Trump explains his rough life: My father gave me ‘a small loan’ of a million dollars