Oct 9, 2015

Bipartisan Coalitions...when the GOP loses its taste for Tea

 By RF Schatten

A Bipartisan Coalition?? To a beaten up, worn out Republican Party, it's the last act of a desperate man!...but to Rep. Charlie Dent (R-PA)? He doesn't care if it's the first act of Henry V!...it's time to wake up and smell the coffee! Who the hell would've known John Boehner would be so dearly missed?

"We may need a bipartisan coalition to elect the next speaker...that's a very real possibility right now, and I think anybody who is honest about this, knows it."
And Dent is just one of many who understands the serious ramifications that will cost the GOP, big time! And not just the political power controlled by the Speaker, but the fight for the total control of Republican Party, the control of the Party's Plank, and its Party's Philosophy.

Meanwhile...back in his office...John Boehner is probably crying again, this time pondering on his latest and greatest not too wise maneuver. Better get a couple more months' supply of Kleenex, John! Apparently, you can't get away that quick, my friend! All the political maneuvering and manipulations he needed, just to keep a Speaker's Seat that will go down in infamy in the annals of the US Congress, not to mention the embarrassment in America History books...and now, with all the chaos as a result from him retiring?..John Andrew Boehner simply can't win for losing!

Now, if one Circus Tent holding the 1,000 Clowns Primary Invitational isn't enough? Wow! get the Popcorn and Cotton Candy, sit down, and watch the Greatest Political Show on Earth, as the Dumbo Party erects a 2nd Circus Tent for 'this' insanely crazy cast of Clowns!
In vying for the House Speaker's Throne, the GOP has created a cast that more than anything, resembles "Who's on First". With approximately 247 Republican Members occupying 56.8% of the seats in the US House, isn't there anyone in the Grand Old Party professionally qualified to become Speaker of the House?

Enter Kevin McCarthy as the odds on favorite to become next John Boehner...and exit Kevin McCarthy just as quick as he entered. It seems openly telling the world the GOP's 'real' strategy for these Investigative Committees...to smear Hillary!...was a bad idea! Especially the Millions and Millions of $$$ forked over by the taxpayers to run these phony committees.
Jason Chaffetz of Utah was the 1st of these Clowns to throw his hat in this 3 Ring Circus, Daniel Webster of Florida got the endorsement of the House Freedom Caucus as the officially designated darling and favorite of the Tea aficionados...and now, if the mindset for the absurd, is just not absurd enough for this GOP?
Darrel Issa, the same Darrel Issa most responsible for instigating the rip-off of millions of $$$ from the taxpayers in his bogus Benghazi hearings...is also considering a run for President!! Why not Issa?? In an election cycle where a screwball Billionaire, a millionaire Physician, and a millionaire former Corporate CEO are the leading candidates in the Republican Presidential Horse Race...all without the basic political experience or decorum...why not the wealthiest man in Congress taking his 15 minute run??
Finally, Paul Ryan keeps insisting he's not interested in the Speakership!!...but never be surprised if Pauly changes his mind... "for the good of the Party", naturally! How much $$ will it take to entice him into running?...for the good of the Party, of course!

With the internal political Civil War between the stupids running rampant in the US House...the Moderates have come to the conclusion that the great experiment of the Tea Party's inclusion in the GOP, has turned the GOP into an ultra-right wing organization, and they must be stopped at any cost...even if it means forming a coalition with the Democrats.

Should the Democrats help the GOP Moderates?...or should they pass on it? Rule #1 in Politics 101: If your opponents decide to destroy each other?...just sit back and watch, and enjoy their political carnage!

In the case of today's Republican Party? This Conservative Freakshow, can only favor the Democrats in the long run...and could very well be their own demise as a viable Political entity!

Democrats May Gain Power In House As Republican Congressman Suggests Bipartisan Speaker