Oct 5, 2015

Being Speaker & Winning at all cost...at the expense of a Country!

 By RF Schatten

What does the GOP and the Circus have so much in common?? They both are associated with Elephants...and they're both full of Clowns!!
It's not surprising as how the symbols of both Parties came to be...whether it's the Elephant or the Donkey...it's the sarcastic perceptions by famed political cartoonist Thomas Nast, on the very worst traits of both political parties. At least you have to hand it to the Republican Party!...keeping in the traditions of their symbol, this 2015 Republican Party are all Clowns...like a ship of fools, all riding a White Elephant into extinction!

Enter stage right...way, way right! Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz from the great state of Utah, riding the great White Horse into the Lower Chamber of Congress, with a challenge in what appears to be very dirty horse race for the Speakership Title. If there wasn't enough chaos among all the sad faced Emmett Kelly's in the Party's Primary Clown Car, and in the everlasting state of denial of the failures in policies and leadership of the RNC!?!?...Chaffetz publicly promises to be a total asshole in his mission to screw America, if he doesn't get his way.

Buying "all of this stuff" on his Visa, as he says, but not paying for it because he’s sick and tired of Republicans “Caving” to the President and the Democrats??...that crock of manure is just plain political horseshit...probably from that White Horse! Loading your card to the max, and not paying your "Visa" is not an act of demonstration...it's a criminal act of outright fraud!
Promising to let the nation drown in the political toilet, and destroy the economy of this country unless Planned Parenthood is defunded? Another Republican Government Shutdown! for the annals of Congressional History...and then, they truly expect to take the White House?
And all that's just to kick-off his Speaker's reign...his next target? Mitch McConnell!...with this oddball character, Old Mitch is just not "Conservative" enough.

The State of the GOP?
You have everyone in Congress fighting with each other, insulting each other publicly, and everyone lying about everybody else. A battle for the Speaker of the House, with Kevin McCarthy's power and influence battling Chaffetz and his batshit mentality...and a Tea Party connection that's holding the establishment Republicans hostage, inside within their own Party. Meanwhile you have the Clown Car, appearing at the next available Mic and Photo Op nearest you!...all without a clue at what the pulse of the nation wants! A full fledged war for the control of the hearts and minds of the Grand Old Party...and doing it during an election cycle!

Crazy? Who ever thought John Boehner was the sanest of these clowns? As Sophie Tucker said; "One of these days...you're gonna miss me, honey"!!

Republican Rep. Chaffetz Vows To Destroy U.S. Economy In Order to Win Speakership