Oct 24, 2015

The GOP's Cloud of Stupidity: When Hearings fail...try another and fail again!

By RF Schatten

It's inconceivable for grown-ups, professional politicos of which the majority are college educated Attorneys and Businessmen...to truly be so damn dumb!! But again, we're looking at today's version of the Grand Old Party...the Tea Party's Cool Aid will constipate your natural stupidity!...and apparently, the GOP Establishment has been sipping way too much Tea laced Cool Aid these days!

A secret in their own imagination, but certainly no secret to the rest of the world...those Benghazi Investigations, first with Dandy Dan Issa and now with Trey Gowdy...were a scam, a hoax, a Political smear scam not related to any investigation, but to assure Hillary Clinton gets as much smear, as much distrust as possible from the American public, and give her as much bad press as they could possibly hope for. Playing partisan politics at a cost of $5.4 Million of the Taxpayers Money?... for people who call themselves fiscally conservative and favor small government, they sure know how to continually royally screw the American population...again, and again, and again!!

What was incredible, was how the Committee crumbled in front of the world...even before Mrs. Clinton appeared. First you had the great "late" successor to John Boehner...the man who was smart enough to move up and become Majority Leader of the US House of Representative...you don't achieve those positions by being dumb. But Kevin McCarthy just drank too much of that Brew, cause he stupidly shined, admitting to a Party Secret that opened Pandora's Box. That followed by Trey "I'm not Curt" Gowdy pretty much admitting....ahhyup! we did it! we did it!
But, will they pay back the American Taxpayers $5.400,000 they stole to play their sordid games?...it didn't come out of their pockets! But, we shall see...it's another very bad mark for this Class of politicos.

And why are they so incredibly stupid? When 72% of America thinks it's just a scam for political gains!...and which McCarthy and Gowdy actually admitted!...Republicans among their own ranks, Republican politicians from around the country, Republican pundits, and Conservative writers...all screaming at these Morons and saying "Let Go"! and cut your loses!  When your Political Party is caught red handed, by admitting they were not being those morally virtues people who care so much about this country...but just ordinary scumbags who want to take power at any civilized cost. Don't they care about embarrassing themselves? how History will look at them? Lie, cheat or steal...they done it all, including a Presidency throughout all the years. Now they are totally open about it!...it's going to be a nice open dirty and filthy 2016 General Elections!...no matter who the candidates will be, on either side.

So what do these geniuses do? Ignore their colleagues, and every respected political expert...and continue the Benghazi Circus Show! Take out the Popcorn! and enjoy the show! As everyone expected...Mrs. Clinton went to Washington and destroyed the credibility of the Republicans' precious horseshit tales on Benghazi and Hillary's 'damn' Emails! Now, they're quietly trying to exit, Stage Right? It's not going to be that quiet in a Dirty Election...both sides will play the same game...and it's payback time.

In the Republican World of Stupid Is as Stupid Does...living by a code of Idiots...you try to safe face from an incident, and move right into another Horseshit tale of Committee Investigations! This time Planned Parenthood, cause one embarrassment was not enough! And these morons want that same embarrassment and being shot down, like their Benghazi colleagues...but, what do you expect from the Land of the Stupids?

And then, one wonders why Hillary or Bernie will defeat any of the Cast of Clowns running for President!?!? Too bad Republicans can't understand why no one really likes them, specially in Presidential Elections, lately!...it must be the Tea Party's Brew? 

After Crushing Defeat Republicans Quietly Move To Drop Clinton Email Investigation