Oct 14, 2015

Democrats Debate...The Big Winner? The American Public!

By RF Schatten

And the winner is??...the consensus says Hillary!, yet many...say Bernie! So, who's the real winner from the Hillary & Bernie Show?...give a big hand of applause to the American Public!!

It only takes a little decorum, a few intellectually and politically savvy politicos, and a serious intellectual civil discourse to remind a population...shell-shocked from the Republican Circus Debates!...what an honest political "Party" Primary Debate is all about, not necessarily a forum to destroy each other to bits and bloody their Party along with it! You take that up with the opposing Party!

After continuous internal Political Catfighting by the Republicans in front of all the lights, cameras, and actions...and for the rest of the world to see, first during the 2012 Clown Show, and now...for the second consecutive set of Primaries...an expanded version of the Clown Show, complete with a real Bozo! Donald "Le Grande Orange" Trump. A cast of characters that resembles more the cast of World Wrestling Entertainment and all their illusions, complete with kayfabe story-lines and all the trimmings. Funny, but is it just irony that Trump is inducted in the WWE's Hall of Fame?

Post-Debate Spins, who won? who lost?...all I can say is; "It was a good night...a really good night!...for the Democratic Party"!!
Hillary looked great, probably signalling Joe Biden to make up his mind very soon...cause she's looking better than his camp ever thought she would. She appeared Presidential and a thoroughly experienced crafty professional debater, with all diplomatic and political skills of a true winner.
Bernie lit up the stage with his usual populist oratory and looking like the real deal, while pushing Hillary more to the left...though it didn't look as if she felt so uncomfortable holding some of his positions, and he didn't look too uncomfortable holding to some of hers. His email comment seems to boost both of them, and generally did very well...a great introduction to who Bernie Sanders is!

The Losers?
Martin Malloy had a moment or two of recognition...but he's really wasting his backers' money, it's not his time, While Lincoln Chafee will end up back into obscurity after his Email question...people will always remember Hillary's answer as well as Bernie's...but who'll remember the man who set them up? And as for Jim Webb? a former pretty good fiery orator who appears as if he's totally Lost in Yonkers! His time for this opportunity has come and gone...goodbye Jim! There were no winners among these 3 losers.

The Winners?
Among the big winning issues...and Bernie's weakest talking points...Gun Control. And a big tip of the hat by Gun Control Activists!
Overall? When you can have a good discourse on Socialism or Democratic Socialism, and Casino Capitalism in a non-political intellectual way...and have a record audience watching in approval a Debate that contrast's from the Great Republican Clown Show...The Democratic Party is a big winner! Bernie breaking out into a serious national contender, winning voters over, and picking up a fortune of donations after the debate? he's a big winner! And Hillary showing her debate skills and winning the consensus of the political pundits? she's a big winner!

Now, the biggest overall losers... the Republican Party! The reason for the positive approvals in the Democratic Debates was because they actually debated issues. Bernie said Americans are damn sick of Clinton's Emails?...well, Americans are damn sick of watching a Clown Show with 3 incompetent non-politicos talking horseshit, without any knowledge whatsoever in the Political Theater, and beating a group of seasoned pros, all of whom deserve what they get! People are damn sick of hearing the filth between all these Clowns, and worse...people are damn sick of the Republican Show called Donald Trump!

It's their own absurd insane mentality that's giving Hillary and Bernie a big boost. People are damn sick of the Clown Show, and all its incompetence...though they'll miss the Trump Show once it gets cancelled!
Ahhyup!...the biggest winner of the night is the American Public! 

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