Sep 6, 2014

The November 4th Battle: Apathy vs. Ignorance

By RF Schatten

It's about time, the Democrats stop apologizing for all the GOP's "Callous Policies". Why should Debbie Wasserman Schultz be reprimanded for using a figure of speech to criticize Scott Walker? Walker is the most corrupt, dishonest Governor in the country, openly corrupt! often publicly bragging about it. This is the guy who sold his Governorship, and Wisconsin to the Koch Brothers...remember when he got punked by Ian Murphy? He never denied, what he said during the Phone Conversation...he was caught "Live" on the air!. Then you wonder why this scumball is in one Legal mess and scandal, after another.

The fact that Wasserman Schultz likened Walker's leadership to domestic violence abuse? It was 'noted' that throughout the prank call, the "Governor maintained his appreciation for and their 'commitment' to civil discourse". Apologize? apologize??...when has the Republican Party ever apologized for the indecency and total disrespect their members have towards the President? For all the indecent and racist comments said every single day of the year, by cynical hypocrites on the Right...and their fanatically ignorant minions on the Far Right!!
Why is it expected for the DNC to apologize, when the RNC and their supremely smug leader, Reince Priebus...never apologizes for anything? If they don't care about sinking this country, why should they care about a little political theater? Ahh! it's election season!!

Debbie Wasserman Schultz did something that lacks heavily within the Democratic Party, the 'cojones' to stand up and say what the vast majority of this country feels!! The Democrats, are currently the Party of Apathy and Spineless Cowards who refuse to stand by their leader on issues that they elected him to Healthcare and Immigration. They lack that fighting spirit for what they believe in...maybe too much youthful idealism, and not enough pragmatic thinking...the Dems have to stick it right back in their opponents face and beat them at their own game! You can't run elections in a civil manner're not dealing with Political Statesmen, you're dealing with Political Charlatans, quacks...and their ignorant legion of followers, who will try to deny your vote, at any cost.

This coming November, we have a major political battle: Apathy versus Ignorance. If the majority of Democrats come out and vote, they can't lose...if they stay home? don't criticize the outcome, just because their ignorance rubbed on you!!

DNC Refuses to Apologize for DWS' Comments, Says GOP Has 'Callous' Policies