Sep 1, 2014

Ted Cruz: The Perfect compassion, and your consummate Liar

By RF Schatten

He's an American Political Aberration...if there's a bit of controversy, you'll find Ted Cruz lurking around, or almost the center of it all. How can't you have a week pass without Ted Cruz getting into the media spotlights? He lives for controversies...the
ultimate political publicity hound.

When it comes to making friends and influencing people, Rafael Jr. needs to read the book. The psychobabble he spews to his fanatical flock of flunkies is classic got to admire him for 'that'...he's the GOP's #1 star politico, when it comes to bashing opponents or causes. He also ranks among its biggest fools...often embarrassing himself, his Party, or both.
From the man who brought you today's cheap version of Tail Gunner Joe, with his own witch hunts for Commies and Terrorists...they never amount to anything, but he gets his sound bytes and photo-ops. This character seriously wants to sell all of America's Public
Lands...he's proposed legislation on it. Nothing will come out of it, either, but he got another 5 minutes on the nightly news!

His public rudeness, lack of respect to everyone who's not a phony Christian like him, his lack of humility, and his total lack of personal moral values; a Canadian who wants to sell America's Lands...will never get him elected President...his ability to make himself look like a total fool, doesn't help either. "Worth noting, Dallas has a worse murder rate than the Bronx" tweeted John DeSio, spokesman for Bronx Borough President, Ruben Diaz. Another embarrasing moment for the GOP, because of Raphael "Ted" Cruz. Diaz said; "Cruz needs to grow up". John McCain would say; take his toys away, and send him to his room. Like John, many in the GOP are tired of his negative antics...but hey! live with
it...he's just voicing the GOP agenda!

NYC Politicians Slam Ted Cruz For Bashing The Bronx