Sep 20, 2014

The GOP turning to Socialized Medicine?'s Election Season!

By RF Schatten

The #1 rallying cry of the GOP: "Obamacare is Socialized Medicine!! Our Country will turn Socialist if we allow Obamacare to exist!!". The stark reality of an Election...when all myths are busted, when you can't change the numbers around anymore, and your argument has lost all its value...without a blink of an eye, embrace the program as if it was your idea all along. Hypocrisy? hey, it's politics! expect anything different?

Well, well!...the way the GOP is suddenly embracing Obamacare, so much...all they're lacking is a Red Party Card. It's the GOP's way of kissing down to the petite bourgeois for votes, I suppose. The proletariat? they've heard the horseshit, many times before. And why do they need to embrace it...besides a few Red Governors being in deep serious re-election trouble?

Estimated ACA QHPs as of 9/18/14: 8.14M PAID (9.37M Total)

CURRENTLY Enrolled/Paying: 7.30M (as of 8/15/14 - Confirmed)

Estimated Total, all sources: (24.0 Million - 28.6 Million) ~~ A) Exchange + Off-Exchange QHPs: 16.1M and B)Medicaid/CHIP (6.2M - 9.3M)

The country is embracing the ACA wholeheartedly. And expect those totals to double or triple after this year's signing period. In Oregon, uninsured Oregonians has dropped 63 percent, from 550,000 to 202,000 people, since national health care reforms took effect, and it was just announced, an estimated 95 percent of all Oregonians now have health coverage, up from 86 percent last year. It's time for the GOP to just give up on that fight...they got clobbered, and it's here to stay! Find another wrong cause to exploit, till they're totally embarrassed and humiliated again.

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