Sep 8, 2014

US Congress, and its resemblance with the House of commoner there!

By RF Schatten

The Rich get richer...while everyone else awaits for that trickle, to some day come down. 'That' trickle is what the GOP has been doing to this country, everyday...I call it pissing on your constituency! Darrell Issa, the wealthiest of them all, estimated at a net worth of nearly $357.3 million in 2013. In fact, the majority...268 of the 534 members of Congress...have a net worth of $1 million or more!! For the 1st time ever...millionaires hold a majority in Congress...the 1% Caucus!

Do they care about those less fortunate? Issa is an Army Vet, and voted against the VA!...he doesn't need it, he has the best Insurance the Taxpayers can buy, for these his own! (think about it folks...we, the taxpayers pay for Federal Elected Officials' Salaries, Travel expenses, and Insurance Plans, which are considered "top of the line plans" ...but the average citizen has to pay a higher premium than Congressmen do...for a worse plan, or get Medicaid and/or Medicare. We're paying for their Insurance while we get screwed out of ours!!). This professional slimeball also believes in the repeal of the minimum wage...and why should he give a shit?? He makes more than a million dollars a day!!

It's all the indifference and the arrogance aristocracy has always held over all lower classes. You wonder why the economy, taxes, wages, cost of living, education, and the quality of life is stacked against you?? They make Laws to benefit themselves...or do you really believe that from the kindness in their heart, they're doing all this for us?? Who's living the good life, freeloading on the Taxpayers expense?...without even needing to touch their own $$$. That's Mitt Romney and David Koch's world!

Wealth controls this Nation, whether you like it or not. We created this system...and we have to live with it unless we do something about it...and if you don't like it? vote all this scum out!! We pay them, they're 'our' civil servants!!

The Problem Fix? Civil Service is a commitment in which every citizen, should contribute their services towards their country...not a professional job!! An elected official, applied for the job voluntarily and got it...he shouldn't be doing it, for the $$$ and the retirement perks and benefits, which he gets after 2 terms (4 years)...even if he loses afterwards, and never heard of again!

If all Senators and Reps, want those jobs to "do what's best for America"...they have money!!...make all elected officials work at Minimum Wage, not $174,000/yr or the Speaker's $223,500/yr... give them the same Health Benefits the Government gives the minimum wage workers...and take away their "Frequent Flyer Miles" that the taxpayers are forking over...just for them!! Let them fly coach, or take the Greyhound!!

Analysis: Rich in Congress get richer