Sep 22, 2014

The Republican Party: The transformation from respectability, to the Tea Party

By RF Schatten

Agree or disagree...the GOP, at one point of their existence...were dignified and respected men and women in our society, who might be in disagreement with the opposition...but like civil adults, they believed in "political decorum"; an observance or requirement of polite society. 'Decorum' is not a word in the GOP/Tea Party's dictionary of batshit words and terms.

What would America do without this 'clown show' on their screens, popping up every night? They 'are' the comedy relief we all need from going insane. The GOP welcomed these groups of characters with open it's their's hard finding a cure for the stupid.
The Alumnus of this Freakshow includes such intellectual luminaries as Sharron Angle and Christine O'Donnell. You got the Akins, the Mourdocks, the Bucks, and the list goes on and on...and don't forget Palin, Bachmann, and Cruz...all 3 eligible on the 1st Ballot into the Tea Party's Batshit Hall of Fame.

They 'are' a joke...a comedic relief inside our Political History Books...who spew vile and dangerous rhetoric in their demagoguery, but are so off the wall, the consensus sees them just as a bunch of loonies. Like the Emperor's New Clothes, they just laughed at him and thought of him as a fool...these batshit crazies truly believe everyone's behind their causes...while the rest of this country are laughing at these fools, and all their insanity and stupidity. How long can all this insanity last? Republicans are quietly admitting that the GOP has become a danger to itself...too bad!...but they deserve it, and much more.

How Long Can the Republicans Hide the Crazy? - The Daily Beast