Sep 11, 2014

Gynophobia, and the Republicans' Fear of an all Female Sweep

By RF Schatten

It appears the GOP's bubble has burst on "Women"...a subject that gives Mitch McConnell nightmares...and just won't go away. A 73-25 Vote to break the initial Filibuster, looks pretty piss poor for bunch who pride themselves for being, Gynophobic...would've expected a larger fight from these old white male 'chauvinist pigs'. That sounds like the 60s and 70s...Margaret Chase Smith, Shirley Chisholm, Geraldine Ferraro, and in particularly, Bella Abzug and Betty Friedan, are all looking down with a big smile from heaven, and saying; "It's about time!"

Could it be that 2014 might very well be, the 'Year of the Woman' in Politics?...and with the lack of women in the GOP that could cause louder sound-bytes, than Sarah and Michele...they will cowardly exit on 'that' subject almost right away, specially with such a short time for people to forget, what they really stand for. The names of Lundergan Grimes, Nunn, Davis, and Burke, are the current thorns in the GOP's behind. And in West Virginia, whoever wins that seat...will be a woman, too! Women from both Parties are quickly moving up in State and Federal Politics...and men, can't hold them back anymore...just sit and watch.

They're losing their own war on women, besides all other why are Republicans being so Gynophobic? Maybe it's their own self-denial that women can perform as good, or better than a man?...or maybe these big macho Republicans, feel emasculated by Women? Either way, they can't seem to get it...they're not in their 'perfection' of the 1950s anymore, there's no Pleasantville...and June Cleaver was just a Black and White fictional mom, who only wore ruffled aprons on camera!

Senate Democrats Break Initial Filibuster On Equal Pay For Women Bill