Sep 24, 2014

Paul Ryan cuts new promo for the Middle schtick, same old message

By RF Schatten

Political Rules 101: If you can't sell the horseshit you spew...repackage yourself...appeal to the Middle Class; "Tax cuts for everybody!". Appeal to the poor by making token PR appearances at Food Banks and Shelters...hopefully, he's learned to work the Soup Kitchens at those shelters by now. He'll try to look more populist, care more for the problems of the common man...and will fail miserably because he's not the common man. At the end of the day, it's the same old sell schtick...and the same old horseshit.

Does this costume change make Paul Ryan any different? Does anybody believe this man, suddenly is going to change all his radical ideas and plans? This is Paul Ryan...Ayn Rand disciple and Star Puppet for the Koch Brothers' Puppet Masters Show. Pauly is a very ambitious young man, he'll do whatever money can buy...David Koch and his brother Charley have the $$$...and Paul has the Koch's Carte Blanche!

Paul Ryans agenda is dedicated solely to the 1%...and 'that' is never going to change! All the Soup Kitchen volunteering doesn't change his arrogance, and all his pumping iron pics, doesn't make him cool...just dopey!

Paul Ryan Declares War Against Math -- NYMag