Sep 4, 2014

Like Father, like Son. You 'do' get an Education...about the Cruz Family

By RF Schatten

Raphael Bienvenido Cruz, a "Guzano"...a Cuban who trash talks tough against his Government, but quietly crawls out of the country without notice. In Senior's case, this character was a Castro ally, who left Cuba at the age of 18, after supposedly fighting alongside the age of 14. He left in 1957, so that puts him in the Moncada Barracks Attack. History has recorded every person who was there...either killed or captured...a trial that lit the flames for the 26th of July Movement, and with Castro as an attorney...defended himself...his famous 4 Hour Closing Speech? "History will absolve me". 'That' folks, was the start of the 26th of July Cuban Revolution. Well? he's not dead, or served any prison time with Castro. Any Cuban who seriously keeps up with Cuban History, knows who served time with Fidel, Raul, Juan Almeida, and company...or just look it up in your local library. Daddy-O! you're not in it. Mi hermano! eres un descarado!

He eventually immigrated to Canada, then moved to the United States and got himself a mail order Minister's diploma from a Cracker Jacks Diploma factory. Now he's the Far Right's anointed 'voice', for all their Religious intolerance...the voice of a true Charlatan, a quack spewing his bull with the grace of a TV Minister. With all the closet dramas of the younger ones, and the obvious embarrassing senility of the older ones, Raphael 'Daddy' Cruz's ministry has become a darling bright spot, for those who fancy Tea.

The all seeing wise Christian, who has openly stated that Ted's the messiah...hand picked by God himself! when he was save the world from the Anti-Christ (you know who!), and the return of an all Christian Nation...which it never has been. Now, he's going to "Educate" the "American Negro" in History and in American Racism...a Cuban immigrant by way of Canada, teaching African-Americans about African-American History and Racism? This is the same wise man who said, he didn't know in his teens that Castro was a Communist. Neither did the Cuban Communist Party, who didn't trust him dating back to the mid 30's...and didn't give him any support, financial or human, till 6-8 weeks before the end of the war. Castro himself, didn't come out till a few years later.

Ted Cruz is a true aberration in politics...a true enigma of a man.  He's not can't be, to earn the credentials and College Degrees that he has...yet, he finds a way to appear Ignorant most times...ignorant enough to piss-off his own Republican colleagues. Is he a smart book guy? get straight A's and graduate with all the honors you want...then go to work, and you suck? or is he just playing with your mind, acting as if he was ignorant...manipulating himself for a different time or different occasion? Either way, one thing about Ted Cruz...his immoral character. Instead of trying to educate something he doesn't have a clue about, educate his son on Morals, since he's a 'moral' Christian and a man of God, now.  How can Senior teach Junior morals...when Junior is just a reflection of Senior?

Daddy Cruz, The Self-Appointed Educator-in-Chief For The American Negro