Sep 29, 2014

The GOP running on empty...back to that Good Old Time Religion

By RF Schatten

The Sociophobia of the Republican Party. When a group of Homophobes, Xenophobes, and Gynophobic males takes control of the Party...what do you expect is going to happen?
They lost the Women, Latino, Gay, and Youth vote...they never had the Black vote. Every demographic sector...unless going Blue. They oppose every single election issue across the what do they want for the American people? what do they stand for?...besides $$$?

An Economy that's grown at a rate not seen since 2006, Unemployment levels lowest since 2008 when Bush was President, Wall Street hitting record numbers. On the Social side, Obamacare is becoming a success, the majority of the country favors: Gay Rights, Women Rights, and Voter Rights, Gun Control...and Marijuana has become a non-issue. And also, all Environmental issues...including Global Warming. There's not one issue in which the GOP agrees with the President, or the rest of the nation.
So! when you're shit out of luck...and have absolutely no platform to offer 'we, the people''s time for giving out some of that Good Old Time Religion!! Glory!! Hallelujah!!

Social Conservatives are rounding up the Flocks. Dog Whistle politics is what they live for...their way of spewing out their hatred...and still believe to consider themselves moral children of God. This is what the Supreme Court 5, with Scalia leading the way, is trying to do...create a can only succeed if the country allows them...this 'is' the world's most unpredictable electorate.

With Nothing To Run On Republicans Blow Religious Dog Whistles