Oct 8, 2014

With a much larger Rank & File, all the Democrats need, is to vote...if you can motivate them

By RF Schatten

With Mid-Term Elections just around the corner, it appears that the Democrats' message is finally breaking through...despite the Media's failing attempts to show some positives created by the Administration...like a growing economy. Obama outperforming Reagan on every economic factor...best private sector jobs creation performance in American history. A 6.1% unemployment, forecasted to fall around 5.4% by Summer, 2015...more records...and Wall Street, acting Bullish with their record Highs. With an Affordable Care Act that is working...signing-up more and more every day...and Social Tolerance, being generally accepted by the overwhelming majority of this country, Only apathy can hold the Democrats, hostage...they got the numbers on their side...if the rank and file decide to get up and go vote, they can't lose. The question remains; "Will they get their couch potato asses up, and go vote?

It's hard to hear anything good from the Donkeys these days, when right wing Batshit "shock" sound-bytes sells more ads on News TV!...it's not what's right or what's wrong in politics, anymore...it's what's best for business; show them the $$, and they'll show you what's best. Real and important Information is secondary to news events showing, for example, Palin making a fool out of herself...again, or more about Benghazi...again.

But never underestimate the electorate, which the GOP, apparently never understands. After all the talk, and everything is said and done...it comes down to Sanity, Understanding, and Common Sense, or Lunacy and Radicalism. All the Polls are showing a steady trend upwards for the Blue crew...and with the exception of a race here or there...most races have the Democrats in the lead or in a virtual dead heat, in both the Senate and Governors races. Obama's latest approval ratings by Rasmussen...not your raging liberal pollster... are up to 46%. And yes! yes! yes! to all those before they 'troll' back...George W Bush was at 37% at this point of his Presidency, just before the Mid-Terms. Who's gaining momentum? Latest Poll for the US House...yes! the GOP's 'untouchable' House of Representatives: National US House Race ~ Democrats 43% Republicans 42% (Ipsos/Reuters) 10/3 -10/7. It's going to be a fun and wild ride these next 30 or so days!

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