Oct 2, 2014

It always comes down to the Economy

By RF Schatten

All the Wars, all the Social Injustice, all Foreign and Domestic Policies, don't mean a rat's ass when it comes down to the ultimate election's decider..."The Economy"

You would believe that in an Election cycle, the GOP would be going after the President on the one issue...besides Healthcare...they've been hammering in the minds of the American people, every day, year after year...till now. You would figure that with all those high Unemployment rates, how people are losing their jobs, how awful the economy is...it's all Obama's fault!! The poor "Job Creators" can't create new jobs! the country is turning socialist! They appear on the southside of the polls, on every single issue...specially Healthcare...so why not go for the Conservative Republican strength; $$$ and the Economy?

In a closer look at the Economy, the GOP should be saying 'Oops'!...but they're lying up their ass and succeeding at it! 4 in 10 approve of President Barack Obama's handling of the economy. 62% of likely voters describe the economy as "poor," Isn't that a success for the GOP? But, they won't talk about it because the country may become much aware of reality.

The GOP's biggest shame...having a Black man outperform King Ronald on Jobs, Growth, and Investing. The ADP reported the private sector added new 204k jobs in August. The BLS reported 142k more jobs in Sept, after 6 straight months of 200k or more jobs. All major industries covered by the ADP report added jobs last month. Professional and business services adding the most at 51,000. Trade/transportation/utilities added 28,000 jobs and manufacturing added 23,000. Construction and financial activities industries were somewhat behind other industries adding 15,000 and 5,000 jobs respectively. With 164,000 jobs added service-providing businesses significantly out-hired goods-producing businesses which added 41,000 jobs. Unemployment rates at the lowest since Bush, Wall Street hitting record Highs. What else you need to prove for more than 4 out of 10 to think Obama is doing a good job with the economy...54 straight months of private sector growth...an administration record!

Soon, an election is coming up, in which the top issue 'is' the Economy. The GOP won't talk about it, and the media hasn't exploited it. The GOP/Fox propaganda; Keep the electorate ignorant. Blame it on the GOP or blame it on the Media...but if the electorate wakes up...the GOP better not count on those close races, too much.

AP-GfK Poll: Economy Still the Top Election Issue