Oct 27, 2014

Giving up your Citizenship, and Renouncing your Country...for a Tax break

By RF Schatten

The U.S. Expatriation Act of 1868: "The Right of Expatriation is a natural and inherent right of all people, indispensable to the enjoyment of the rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

Expatriation is a very common occurrence, In the 1920s a Lost Generation after WWI, wandered throughout Europe...with Paris, being where they called home...Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Dos Passos, Gertrude Stein, Eric Maria Remarque, TS Eliot, and the list goes on and on. Expatriates looking to find themselves and grasp life in Europe while enjoying the Paris life...especially at night! As far as anyone can remember, Americans have moved to other countries becoming Expatriates, and some renouncing their Citizenship...whether because of  political philosophies, religious theologies, lifestyles, work, or just personal reasons. They have 'that' right.

Renouncing your Citizenship and leaving your Country, all just because of your excruciating need to hoard money? Not much character, except that of a truly greedy human being. New Tax Regulations have made it increasingly hard to hide that 'money' from the IRS while living in Europe, now days. Tax dodgers who stash their $$$ in Offshore, Swiss, and German Banks can't do that anymore...as long as they're Americans...by renouncing your Citizenship, you don't have to pay Uncle Sam jack shit!!

People who move to another country, so they can hide their money from the rest of the world, are certainly not among the 99%. If they want to move? fine...but any revenue made in the United States should be taxed in the United States!! Expatriates who renounce their US Citizenship for any reasons other than financial, should be respected...but those, whose only reason to renounce their country is financial?...they're just worthless scum, who could care less about America. Good Riddance!!

Let them all leave...the more the better! What happens with this Nation if those with power and influence leave? The 99% can pretty well fill all those holes and gaps, left by all those Job Creators if they move out....we've reconstructed before...and we can reconstruct again, if necessary! That is why, they'll never totally leave!!

More Americans renounce citizenship over tough tax rules