Oct 5, 2014

Political Polls in 2014: Who's Right, Who's Wrong...and Who's on First?

By RF Schatten

If you're a political junkie...you got to love it! All the polls in this season's political election theater...appears as if it's "Who's on First?"

One day the GOP has the lead, and are going to conquer the Senate and overturn every single piece of legislation passed by Obama...the next, the Dems have the lead. How correct are the polls? If Nate Silver says something, in either direction...both sides freak out, in one way or another. Then you have Nate's not too bosom of a buddy...his adversary...Sam Wang. Want to listen to other Polls? from Gallop, Harris, Rasmussen, Real Clear Politics, Quinnipiac, the list goes on. You got your Newspaper polls, and now you got a whole lot of good respected Polls on the Internet, too.  There're so many polls now days...private polls, public polls, partisan polls, there're polls coming out of their asses! So who's right?...and who's wrong?

The one thing you do see...slowly all polls are coming together about their predictions. Either, the Dems lead or they're neck and neck in every race. You hear about the let down in the Democratic Party and the Administration...but they're holding their own...especially the women, who are doing great, both in the Senate and Governors' derby.  It appears the Republicans have stumbled into roadblocks on their way to November, around the country...ironically roadblocks they've built all by themselves. But, hey!...at this time of the year, common sense...usually wins out over ignorance and stupidity. Not that the stupids can't win...this 'is' the only country on the face of the earth, that they 'could' win! All other countries would just laugh them off the political stage.

NBC poll: Good news for Senate Dems