Oct 20, 2014

Openly lying in public: Why certain people buy it...even if they know it's a Lie

By RF Schatten

Open public Lies and Fearmongering...what a lovely way to win an election!...or in the case of Texas, denying 600,000 people the right to Vote! And all this, from the same people who've brought you the constant and hypocritical criticism of other countries, for denying voters' rights...and who continually call for their Governments to stop lying to their populace. The same people who keep calling for Democracy abroad...really don't care much about Democracy at home.

In Politics, today, it doesn't necessarily matter whether you 'Royally Suck' as a politician...your moral character is incidental...it's what you can do under any circumstances to win. The Republican Party has royally sucked in forming policies for the U.S. population since 2008...they've never had an agenda of their own, except to make Obama a "one term" President...now, their only agenda is to annoy the crap out of him, and the rest of the nation till 2016, while pretending to be hard at work, as they've been doing all along. We know how hard they work, that's why they need so many many 'vacations'!

From one end, you have Rush Limbaugh lying to people and instilling the fear about Ebola...and what's worse...he admitted that he's doing it! all to help the GOP in November...and with a big grin on his big fat puss. Why does he think he can get away with it?...because he knows his ignorant minions will blindly follow him, no matter what he spews...as long as he can get that turnout. In the case of one, Karl Christian Rove... his reputation follows him. Ever since his loss to Anonymous' "Orca" on Election Night 2012...his stock has lost its worth. Now he comes up with a huge stupid open lie about Obamacare in the Blue Grass State...the use of fear worked well in Germany, and Rove is a master at the practice of "Propaganda".  Instill fear, apathy, and keep your opponent's Voters away from the Polls.

To the people of Kentucky: Are you sitting down? Kynect and Obamacare is the same damn thing!...do I have to repeat that? If Obamacare is threatening the families in Kentucky, then your beloved "Kynect" is too!...why?...because, they're both one in the same! How hard is it, to convince supposedly normal, at least semi-intelligent adults...that Kynect is just the name of the ACA program in Kentucky? A campaign of deceit and fear by the firm of Rove & McConnell...now how honest, did you expect this race to be? It's not the ACA they're against, it's the name "Obama" on it!...and the birth of the name came from the GOP! If McConnel wins and the GOP takes the Senate, he'll try his best to repeal the entire Act...including Kentucky's Kynect, no matter how successful it is in the State...which it is!

If Kentucky loses to McConnel, Rove, and the Koch Machine...it's their own damn fault and deserve to lose everything! You can't teach imbecility. Lies and Fear to the ignorance of their constituency, and if that doesn't work?...keep them away from the Polls, by hook or by crook...Poll Tax, anyone?

Karl Rove's ObamaScare Tactics Could Backfire And Help Alison Grimes Win In Kentucky