Oct 23, 2014

Buying Democracy in America

By RF Schatten

"We are not living in a democracy when giant corporations like Chevron can buy local governments. That's called Oligarchy, not Democracy. We have got to fight back." ~~~ Bernie Sanders

Why shouldn't Chevron have the right to buy an election? Koch Industries buys them all the time! Since the Supreme Court said that a Corporation is a private citizen...they've got as much right in buying a Politician, as any individual billionaire has. All these laws benefitting the very rich and famous are brought to you, courtesy of our Volksgerichtshof...oh! it's 2014?...I mean, the US Supreme Court...though the names Scalia, Thomas, Alito, Roberts, and Kennedy, could easily be mistaken for the ghosts of Roland Freisler, Fritz Rehn, Harry Haffner, Franz Schlegelberger, and Otto Georg Thierack. Whatever helps the Party and especially...their benefactors, I guess.

Greasing local elections...not Federal Elections, but Local Municipal Elections!...Mr. Corporate Citizen is going to town! Richmond, California to be exact, shaking everyone's hands, and greasing them at a rate of $33.00 dollars per person over 18, who votes. There's a reason why Gas in the West Coast has gone down recently...getting all those Votes out!

Municipal, State, Federal Elections...they want to leave their footprints, edged in every City Hall and State Capital across the country, if they could. Truly controlling Government starts at the Municipal and State levels, and Chevron isn't the only Corporation getting into our local communities, into our School Boards...leaving their influence and $$$...and at our City Halls, and naturally the Courts; Municipal and Circuit.

The LA Times' Michael Hiltzik wrote; "For a corporation to manipulate a municipal election on this scale should be illegal". Corporations don't really care, they have their biotch in the GOP and in SCOTUS...who will come through and save the day, as they always do. Bernie Sanders is right, an Oligarchy? If the top 1% have their way, a Government ruled by Corporations and Industrialists with Politicos fronting the Government...an Oligarchy is a real possibility. Do people care what's happening in America, today? as Bernie said, we gotta fight back! Apparently the Polls say, America doesn't give a shit! even if they know all the serious ramifications that are going to hurt them directly, immensely!...the open lies, the fear mongering, the blatant hatred towards anyone that's below them. Life in America under David and Charlie Koch, and their minions, the Tea Party.

Fight Back? Democrats never fight back...they prefer that idealistic High Road approach. Republicans, on the other hand...believe in the words of Leo Durocher; "Nice guys finish last". They'll always take the Low Road and today's GOP and their Tea loving cousins will stoop to the lowest depths, including the destruction of this country...to achieve their ultimate sordid goals. Fight back?...

Chevron Greases Local Election with Gusher of Cash | Michael Winship