Oct 11, 2014

GOP in self-denial...the Cubans' love affair with the Republican Party is over!

By RF Schatten

When will the GOP realize that Cubans just don't like Republicans anymore? The Charley Crist vs Rick Scott battle for the hearts and minds of the Sunshine State's Latino voters is over. 53% to 29%? Scott better concentrate on his base of Tea Crackers in North Central and the Peninsula. Healthcare is killing him!...ironically, in Scott's previous fling in Medicine, he financially destroyed his Healthcare company (Columbia/HCA)...for being a court certified fraudulent crook. More importantly, could this be a sign of things to come by the Hispanic Community throughout the country?

Cubans in general don't care much for Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz...in Cuban parlance, they're 'worms'...in the case of Rubio, a little worm! They 'are' an embarrassment to the Cuban Community in SW 8th St. and throughout the rest of this country. Cubans are very proud people, and all these 2 characters do, is give the Cubans a bad name. Son dos mentirosos y descarados, sin corazon y sin alma,

Crist has the Latino Vote...big time...as well as the Minimum Wage issue; 64-15! The Cubans most important issue? The Economy...point for the Dems. Followed by Immigration; point for the Dems again. And that, followed by Healthcare; again the Democrats!

But, It's only Florida...and Scott is just not that well liked, since day one. But could this Hispanic trend continue throughout the country? and make that difference between winning and losing. Texas, is another example...and now that the courts ruled against Abbott's ID Laws...Latinos are going to remember! It's a crazy election year!

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