Oct 6, 2014

In its continued tradition for the outrageously stupid...enters another clown!

By RF Schatten

"Liberal Bias"...interesting use of words. Liberal, by definition...can't be Biased...it means "Free from Prejudice and Bigotry"; also "Tolerant" and "open-minded". "Conservative", on the other hand, is; "Intolerant"..."disposed to Preserve Existing Conditions and Institutions, or to Restore Traditional Ones, and to Limit Change".

Only what changes they want, of course! Paint a pretty picture of American History...if you can't erase it...re-touch it in the image you want, to cover it up.

A businesswoman sits on Colorado’s Board of Education. A business person, that besides going to College and getting a Degree...has no clue about the field of Education. I wonder what her grades in History were? Slavery ended voluntarily?...really? Tell that to the 750,000+ that died on both sides. Or why it took the Emancipation Proclamation...an "Executive Order", by the way...to free the slaves in the 11 remaining rebellious states of the Confederacy. History by Tea Leaves...whatever you want to hear, you will hear.

Another candidate for the Batshit Hall of Fame, to join Michelle's "Concord NH, not Concord Mass, was the cradle of the Revolution" and Sarah's "Paul Revere's Ride to warn the British, because we were going to take away their arms when they landed"

It's all these Loonies that just keep on giving!...and its reality...that adds a sense of sanity and hope to an already insane political theater.

Colorado Republican's Claim that America Ended Slavery Voluntarily Steals Our History