Oct 21, 2014

Poll Tax is Legal? Yep! in Texas...thank you, SCOTUS!

By RF Schatten

How to hijack and steal an election, the Republican way...go visit an uncle at the US Supreme Court.

A Court, that at the whim of a Political Party...or a very special "VIP"...will go out of their way, even coming up with horseshit rulings, that even 'they' said it was a "One Time Only" ruling...remember Bush v Gore? Corporations are People, striking Section 5 of the Civil Rights Act, now this!...little by little the continued dismantling of the Civil Rights Act. The Court handed Greg Abbott what he wanted, he just ripped off Wendy Davis of at least 500,000 votes...and what a coincidence!! All those votes were from African Americans and Hispanics. Coincidence?

The last time Judges systematically ruled over cases..."for the party's cause"...was Germany. Last time they appeared in court, was in Nuremberg. If this was 1947, and you reverse the countries...Scalia, Thomas, Roberts, and Alito, would be sentenced to hang! For what they have done...they don't deserve anything better. Using the power bestowed by people, and selling it out for the $$$ of Koch Industry, Monsanto, Dow, and every other industrialist...over the common man. The US Supreme Court believes that an American has the right to Vote...if you can afford to pay for it! They apparently believe that the Poll Tax is legal...even if it violates the 24th Amendment and Civil Rights Act. What do they realistically think? It's illegal...but it'll give the GOP an advantage during the elections!

How come it's not surprising that if any Draconian laws are approved in this country, it's going to be in Texas? If anyone wants to know how the Republican Party would administer this nation if they took power, just look at the Lone Star State. They love to incarcerate people, with prisons and county jails at almost full capacity...and they're very proud of Rick Perry's Guinness record Executions. Women are second-class citizens, according to all the actions of Greg Abbott, and how he feels about women, and the control he wants over them and their bodies.

Texas ranks at the bottom or next to the bottom in Children Medical Care, in Pre-Natal Healthcare, and in total Health Coverage. Texas ranks down under in Education, too...but, give the kids some credit, it's hard to think in school when Thinking is frowned upon, and school boards are trying to outlaw the use of Critical Thinking. And with their Revision of History books to reflect their personal thinking and believes...it's pretty, much indoctrination to stupidity...keep the youth as ignorant as possible and lie about history, then make up your own rules as you go along, or have your personal Judge keep them legal for you.

Should people take this bullshit perpetrated by the GOP and their Judges sitting down? Some will! In fact, a lot will!...that's why Americans are the way they are...living in a state of perpetual apathy of our Government, no matter who is in control. Some day they'll care...but then, it might be too late! If you care? go out and demonstrate! if you don't? Live with the results, but don't say you care. Want to make some noise? Go out on Election Day in force...all 600,000...and show the world the injustice that the greatest country in the world has. 600K strong, out making their noise...if you can't voice your feeling at the ballot box, show your voice and your anger in the streets and at the Polling Precincts! Show the world, that Americans are not going to put up with shit!

Supreme Court Allows Texas To Enforce The Most Draconian Voter ID Law in The U.S.A.