Oct 11, 2014

$7.25/hr: From politicos who make 10X more...because the GOP cares, so much!

By RF Schatten

So!...$7,25/hr is a Living Wage? That's a pretty insulting remark! Whether he addressed it, to his masses of human ignorance...or the American public, in general...it's an ignorant insult to the intelligence of the American Adult. See what would happen if he has to work for $7.25/hr!  He doesn't care because that's the mentality of the people he works for...We, the People?...yea, that's funny!

Scott Walker is not a fool...he got to where he is now because he's a political whore, who's bought out...lock, stock, and barrel  by the Koch Brothers...he, along with neighbor Paul Ryan are their official GOP mouthpieces. $7.25/hr sounds about right. Anti-Union, Anti-EPA, Anti-Women, Anti-Education...make the 99% the 99.5%. A Ruling Class Society would be fine for these good old boys. $7.25/hr sounds just fine for the GOP, too. They continually refuse to raise the minimum wage...it's no coincidence who owns the GOP, today. Even Old Mitch agrees that they would be broke, and couldn't win without Dave and Charley pulling the strings.

You get out of college with a 100k or 200k loan to pay back, even before you start your career...and $7.25/hr is a good living wage? The fact he equated Minimum Wage to the fast food business...shows his arrogance. The same arrogance the GOP holds over anyone who's not like them, sort of a narcissistic arrogance.

If this is what the people in Wisconsin want...then they deserve $7.25/hr! But you must look at the bigger picture. Scott Walker just represents those 'interests' that have no interest in the American People, he's the Koch Brothers' living experiment of what they want for America to look like. They 'can' be stopped...if the electorate wants to stop all this conservative madness...but, how badly enough does the majority of the country, really want to do something about raising the Living Wage?...how important is it? If you don't Vote don't complain later!

Gov. Scott Walker Says $7.25 Per Hour is a Living Wage