Oct 28, 2014

How to get rid of your opposition..."Delete"

By RF Schatten

How convenient to refuse to intervene...especially if the 40,000 Missing Voters from the Public Database represents primarily Blacks, Hispanics, and Youth Votes...translation: Democrats! Oh! the wonders of the computer age...the "Delete" button!

When you have a Republican Secretary of State...the person who Certifies the Election...determined to obstruct the Rights of 40,000 citizens, by simply not making even an effort, into making a Database Recovery. And you have a Republican appointed Judge Christopher Basher, a Judge rated by the Bar Association at the bottom of the barrel, among the worst rated in the Country. So! when you get 2 good old Georgia Crackers together, what do you expect? Bingo!

Christopher Basher is a Judge who's had multiple complaints made against him to the Georgia Bar, including; "Conspiracy and utilizing the legal administration of the court to aid and abet major insurance corporations in defrauding disaster victims of insurance compensation". Those are serious Criminal charges in the Peach State, or anywhere else...but it's never been investigated by the Georgia Bar.

40,000 missing votes, though closer to 56,000 according to the latest tally from different groups and associations...sounds like a Sunshine State experience! In Florida, they found them inside the Waste Management dumpsters in the back of a shopping center. Republicans are just attracted to garbage...in one form or another.

40,000 Georgians are disenfranchised of their basic human right. 600,000 more in Texas. Who's next? If you can't win on your own merits...on your platform, or even on your sparkling personality!...and you have absolutely no written plans, that you can present to your public...go for emotions of hate and fear. When nothing works...suppress the Vote! A suppression of 640,000+ voters? It's working!

BREAKING: Court Refuses To Intervene In Case of 40,000 Missing Voters In Georgia | ThinkProgress