Oct 13, 2014

Associating Gays to the Nazis...and the GOP are not Bigots, either?

By Rf Schatten

It's pretty pathetic when you have to resort to the propaganda technique of "Association"...associating Gays to the Nazis. The Hatred for Gays, surely exists within the Republican ranks, though they'll deny it till they die...just like their continuous cynical denial of Racism. The fact that Gays were persecuted by the Nazis...you don't mention 'that'!

Use intentional vagueness and confusion, to keep exploiting your ignorant masses...another propaganda technique; "Obfuscation".  Why would the GOP resort to so much propaganda to influence the country? why, if they truly believe they 'are' correct...and, that they're adored by everyone...would they need to resort to this?  When you have absolutely no plans in your agenda on how to fix this country of all the troubles and all of the ills, and with all the other horseshit you spew about daily...you got to give your loyal fans something...this is it. Lying and Deception and Disinformation...more techniques!. They're just shameless acts in a civilized society, perpetrated by shameless indecent men and their own personal greed. Of the 53 or so Techniques of Propaganda, how many have been used by the GOP in the last 6 years? Hint: More than half.

30 States now recognize same-sex marriage. In 5 more States....AR, KS, MT, SC, and WY...Federal appellate rulings have set a binding precedent in favor of same-sex marriage. In 8 more States, judges have issued rulings in favor of same-sex marriage, and appeals to many of these rulings, are now stayed...and being struck down every day. 43 States and DC have either made it totally legal or they're on their way. 55% of the U.S. population lives in a State where same-sex marriage is legal...and Over 64% of the U.S. population will soon live in a State that same-sex marriage, again, is legal.

Republicans need to stop whining, With all due respect to the late Edmund Muskie; there's no crying in Politics! You lost the Gay Vote because you despise who they are, and personally, they don't like you either, for who 'you' are! Give it up and swallow your pride...Gay Rights and Gay Marriage are here to stay, and no Court is going to stop them now...so suck it up and live with it!

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