Oct 29, 2014

Spineless Democrats and Indecent Republicans...what a revolting development, this is!

By RF Schatten

"If Republicans stop telling lies about Democrats, we will stop telling the truth about them" ~~~ Adlai Stevenson

Even back in the 50s, Adlai was already going at it, tooth and nail with Republicans. Why run on your record of success, when you really never have 'any' worth mentioning?...so, you lie till you're blue in the face!...today, you don't have to turn blue, too much prevalent ignorance roaming around. A little lie, a little propaganda, a party propaganda machine...FauxNews...lots of disinformation, hate, fear; and Voilá!!!

This "Cool Democrat" expresses the feeling of many good Democrats. Don't run like cowards! when all the records....like the Economy, Healthcare, etc...favor the Democrats! Fight the Lies and all the Deceits!
Unemployment hitting unchartered waters...lowest levels by any President, projected by mid-2015. Jobless claims were just over 300,000; lowest since 2007. Obama is outperforming Ronald Reagan in Jobs, Growth, and Investments. The budget deficit has fallen to $486 billion dollars...better than expected!...all after the inheritance of  a Trillion dollar+ deficit, after the 2008 financial crisis left by Bush.

Forbes Magazine...not your standard Liberal publication...came to the conclusion, that "clearly shows President Obama is the best Economic President in modern times.  Based on all of typical the economic indicators, including jobs, investments, growth and expansion, even the rate of inflation. In all of these areas President Obama’s record outperforms that of every other Modern President, including conservative idol, Ronald Reagan."

And the Polls show that 62% American public thinks that the Economy is "Poor" or "Very Poor"?? ....exactly what the Republicans want...the dumbing down of the American Voters! Thank you, FOX!

How spineless are the Democrats? as Spineless as they were when they controlled both Chambers, and never gave their Leader, their full support...that's why they lost the House! Who's putting out all the fear and the hate? And who are the cowards that won't fight back? Fight back! and don't back down...take the credit for what has been achieved, and broadcast it out loud!
But nothing will be achieved, and everything that 'has' been achieved...will be lost...if the voters stay home!  Don't complain or whine if don't vote, you get what you deserve...don't give up your vote!!

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