Oct 26, 2014

GMOs: Should People be entitled to know, what they're eating?

By RF Schatten

Why would Monsanto put $4 million dollars and Dupont $4.6 million, in a ballot measure? A total of 16.3 million by Anti-Label interests, alone... It's all about Labeling...and the efforts of the Chemical and Big Agriculture Industries in refusing to Label what's inside the can of food...and why they don't want the public to know...what's inside.

It's about people, and having the right to know what they are ingesting into their bodies. Why won't they want to tell you? What's so terrible? If they have nothing to hide, and all this garbage is good for you, why don't they tell you how good it is, and label it...like every other labeled food? No one is outlawing GMOs...the State of Oregon, just wants to label GMOs because they believe every man, woman, and child in the state has the right to know.

Yea! yea! yea! it'll cost an additional .30 cents or so, per label...that's a big deal for them, apparently! What other excuse do they have? The union between Chemical companies and Agricultural companies is a marriage made in hell. A company that produces fresh harvest vegetables interchanging ideas and research...then producing food products, with a company that produces Astroturf.

So why does this Election has become the costliest in state history? A victory for pro-labeling may inspire other States into doing something correct. As of this date: "Yes on 92" leads 49% to 44% with 7% undecided...2% more for a win, is close!

Just think, next time you open a can of Spinach...think of what's inside, if there's no GMO Label...maybe recycled Green Astroturf?...hell! better than Soylent Green!

GMO measure costliest in Oregon history