Oct 30, 2014

Mediocrity...finding a candidate among the Republican masses

By RF Schatten

It's unbelievable how much the Republicans hate other people's success. And with Barack Obama, it pains them to see the country making progress...real progress...in spite of 5 1/2 years of Republican obstructionism. The economy doing surprisingly well, lowest unemployment since 2008...on its way to record numbers, below 6% by 2015, Lowest spending in 60 years, Wall Street setting records, and Forbes calling Obama the "Best Economic President of Modern Times"!!  It Kills the Republican Party to know that!!

They hate the fact that it wasn't them, who build 'that'! They hate the fact that Obama...of all people...was praised by Forbes for doing a better job, than Ronald and his magic "Trickle Down Economics". It's all this bigoted, racist Jealousy. The same that they have for every other successful President. Accomplishments, whether they're social or financial...look at the Kennedys and the Clintons...Obama has joined the GOP Mutually Hated Club, though not the first Black!...don't forget MLK.

 "Jealousy is the tribute mediocrity pays to genius." ~~~ Fulton J. Sheen

There 'is' a lot of mediocrity out there in the GOP...that's why they can't find a candidate that can beat a single solitary little old woman, or man for that matter...Clinton"? Warren? They have absolutely nobody that can stay up with either of those two ladies. Maybe Lindsay Graham will run...as he said; "I can win the White House, and then White Men will make a lot of $$$"...more mediocrity!! This Good Old Georgia Boy? He's rich, so what! he's another Puppet Stooge for the John Birch Society, ah! I mean, the Koch Brothers, so what!...David Perdue, like the rest of the GOP, is still an insult to mediocrity!!

Republican Georgia Senate Candidate Wants To Prosecute Obama For His Success